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Thank you for hosting this thread, RavenOfSummer. I enjoyed working my way through most of the cards. Didn't finish the entire spread (thanks to a long and lazy summer weekend at the poolside ), but I would love to participate in this again next year, and I'm looking forward to seeing Nemia's autumn equinox spread as well.
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I've enjoyed this spread, and this thread's energy more then I can say. A heartfelt Thank You!! to everybody.
And yes, I'd like to receive a PM next year, though I'll doubt to be in need of a PM as I most likely will be on the watchout for the new thread once June 2018 has begun.
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I have already drawn the cards but I still haven't written my interpretations yet. I drew 4 Majors, 4 Courts, and 4 Pips tho, which is quite telling.

I'd still want to be included in your PM list for next year's solstice, RavenOfSummer. Congratulations for your highly successful thread!
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Thank you, RavenOfSummer!
The spread kept me company through trying times .
I put all the cards onto my large Pow Wow Drum and there they still are - for me to contemplate further.
I also put my daily draws onto my Tarot blog - whenever I had electricity and internet available.
It was good to read all the other posts!
Thank you EVERYONE! ♥
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I finally finished posting my reading! For some reason I couldn't add a pic so I just posted a link.

Thank you for hosting this, RavenofSummer. It was a beautiful spread, and I feel I got a lot of guidance and insight from it.
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I put the pictures already in the other thread but here they are again - I made a spread map for this wonderful reading that I'll be able to use every year. My drawing skills are not what they used to be but it's good enough for me. It was a very good reading, it touched upon all my sensitive topics, positive and negative. Thank you again for the great experience!

Yes, I'm working on the Equinox spread and will hopefully finish it in time for September :-)
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That is gorgeous, Nemia!
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