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Not great news, it looks like that now it is not the time for this relationship to work.. thank you Sharla for your time
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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
If this timings correct, then even though you said 3-5 years, maybe something happens that enables you to do this sooner. You may end up reading for a friend at her house, then her sister asks for one, then her sister tells her friend about you and she asks for one....and this friend tells you her mum has a shop where she is looking for a new tarot reader to work in, she tells you that your a great reader and she thinks your mum would love you working there.

Just an example of how this could work out to be.
Ahoy Sharla,

just a short feedback. I've read for fun at a meeting, and suddenly people started to line up.
Later I was asked if I could do this more often, and where to find me.
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