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Doing more questions x
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I do not know this might sound a bit crazy question, but can you ask if I being curse? because my life is stuck can not move forward and things are really bad for me. Let me know if you can do this or not


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Originally Posted by selenatarot View Post
I would like to sit if you are taking questions.

1. Am I blonde?
2. Do I have a dog?

Question is: Will J contact me over the next 3 months?
Thank you
Radke, I am not sure if you saw this one.
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Originally Posted by Radke View Post
1- no
2- no
3- yes
4- yes

My questions:
1 - Did I eat a Kit Kat bar today?
2 - Will me and JQ be in a romantic relationship?
3 - Will me and JQ date by the end of this month?
4 - Did I go to work today?
Hi there! I sincerely apologize for the delay. My pendulum was lost at my uncle's. I just found it under the couch right where I was sitting.

Since I got to your questions a bit late, I could only answer questions 2&3.

2. The pendulum did not move, which is my symbol for a maybe.
3. No
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1. Am I at work today?
2. Does a river run through the town I live in?
3. Will Q continue to harass me?
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