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I've just kept this to a simple YES/NO answer.

You - Venus
Pleasure on holiday - 5th house - Mercury
Travel - 9th house - Saturn

Mercury flows towards Venus by rx motion = (+)
Venus flows to Saturn = (+)

Using Lot Part of travel @ 28,28" Leo - significator - sun.

Sun is in its domicile (+)

Moon, venus and mercury all flow towards the Lot and its significator (+)

So we have a positive testimony of a yes your holiday will be safe to go on.

Also Moon's next conjunction will be with Venus (yourself), which is also a positive testimony for both your safety and having a nice holiday.
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Oh fantastic this is such a nice chart, thanks for interpreting it all for me. I didn't realise Mercury was going to be retrograde then tho, oh well. I'll get as much as possible communication done and activities/accom booked before we go.

This allays my fears anyway, thanks xx
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