Lenormand THEMES you want that AREN'T in the Lenormandverse?

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Lenormand THEMES you want that AREN'T in the Lenormandverse?

A great VINTAGE ....EDWARDIAN ERA! I see something called Edwardian Eccentricities, but not what I want. That's it. A TRUE EDWARDIAN, GILDED AGE Lenormand, DRAWINGS on SEPIA background or something aged looking.

Fall will be here before we know it and I would like something....different....but something in line with what is most important to me, CLEAR IMAGES.

OK, so there is my wish for a new Fall deck. Anyone have any others NOT out there, something you wish someone would make?
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Id like a real life Lenormand deck made.... not drawings.

For instance the rider card would be a photo image of a real life postman, the sun, moon and stars cards, would be a photographic real life image of these in the sky......

Also without any sort of border or numbers, just the image would fill the whole card.
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Hi Sharla

I just saw a deck on youtube (Donnaleigh's newest and several non-English ones) that was photgraphed, tho the Rider isn't exactly a postman However, there is a Lenormand thread on here discussing taking your own pictures to put together a more personal deck, or getting the images online. As many recommend making your own magickal tools whenever possible.
kittydorkdork and gregory have both done this.
The beautiful deck I saw on youtube is called Fortuna's Lenormand and may be Brazilian.
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