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I think that among the major arcana, an Emperor design would probably raise the least number of eyebrows. I'd love to have a shirt with that design.
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
No fun at all. I would want death. That costs a whole $9. NOT happy
<laughter> I *have* a Death tee-shirt. I'll try not to ear it out before I next see you. Remind me to wear it.
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Originally Posted by nisaba View Post
<laughter> I *have* a Death tee-shirt. I'll try not to ear it out before I next see you. Remind me to wear it.
I once worked at a place that decided to loosen up their corporate dress code. They changed it to allow t-shirts at their training facility, but said emphatically "No Megadeth t-shirts." Wonder what they would have thought of a tarot Death t-shirt.
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Those do look interesting! To make myself interesting and do something for my sensitive-guy-image, I'd probably chose the Three of Swords.
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