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I was wondering which stone/crystal you all are using for third-eye meditation? I have a small iolite, which I love, but it's just too dang small! Anything larger would cost an arm and a leg though.... (And that's assuming you could find it in the first place) There are so many blue/purple stones out there, but since I have to order online, I'd love some recommendations. Amethyst is out because its my birthstone, and I've had my fill. Anyone?
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Lapis Lazuli is good. I have a few raw chunk of it. Usually you can get a good sized piece in that state for about $10
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I love iolite too. And I have to say, Uruguayan amethyst is so deeply purple it's such a joy to meditate with.

Regarding your question, there are some Third Eye Chakra crystals of course. Personally, I recommend labradorite and lapis lazuli. Even high quality specimens can be relatively cheap. Aside from the two I previously mentioned, I also particularly like dumortierite, the stone of Tarot, especially those that are mostly deep blue-violet. I find them particularly effective and I use them when I conduct some very important readings.
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Iolite is pretty awesome. You can get a large chunk of it in it's raw form for under $10, and it will have a stronger energy than a tumbled stone. Here's an example:
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Great! Here's the list: Lapis, and Labradorite I'm familiar with. Both beautigul stones. I'm also familiar with Dumortierite but had no idea it's a "Tarot stone"... (I'll have to research. I'm thinking maybe it's THE stone I'm looking for!) Also checked out the large Iolites you posted Beancrew. YUP! I want!!! And WILL check out the Uruguayan Amethyst. What the heck! Thank you one and all!!!! YOU'VE SET ME ON MY COURSE!
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Hey Eva
I thought I'd throw a proverbial spanner in the works... have you had a look at black merlinite (also known as psilomelane)? I have a small piece and find it to be wonderful
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Hi FL! I'm just about to check out your link.... As I recall Merlinite is a beautiful stone... Thanks for reminding me of it. I'd completely forgotten. Eva
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