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The tip of the Scythe shows what gets cut, separated, or harvested. I prefer decks where the Scythe points to the left.
The process might be painful, short-termed, cleansing. Like a sting, a clear cut, and it's over.
Key words are precision and sharpness.

The adjacing card (to the right) shows the result, outcome, effect.

Type of person: sharp, piercing eyes; skinny, swift, muscular body; energetic; thinks before they act thoroughly; calm, focused, easily overlooked.
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Thanks for all the responses. Enjoy seeing the various views of the scythe.

One person said "cutting through the B.S" I have seen that to be true the harsh truth....especially with bird around you can expect very sharp piercing conversation (which sometimes can be cutting through B.S)

Also precision I think someone else pointed out. Definitely could see that.

It is sometimes hard for me to deduce how positive the scythe is especially in a grand tableau....

In a regular 5 card pull more easier for me to deduce how the scythe is manifesting.
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