Seven Stars - Vintage German Lenormand, Kaleidoscope edition, anyone?

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Seven Stars - Vintage German Lenormand, Kaleidoscope edition, anyone?

I confess, I have been fascinated by Seven Star's Kaleidoscope Lenormand (all he work is original and fascinating, this one is such a crazy wonderful idea that I can't take my eyes off it!).

I didn't find a discussion of this deck (if there is one that I overlooked, I'm sorry!). I don't have it but it's a deck that I'm really curious about. Usually we all say: our most important criterion for a Lenormand is its readability. See a card - and see Ship, Bouqet or Ring. With the Kaleidoscope, you have to look more closely (although I'm sure, once you know the cards, you read them as easily - she designed the cards quite differently from each other with different colour schemes and kaleidoscope patterns).

I have always loved kaleidosocopes and wonder where my old collection may be today? In short, if anyone can tell me of his/her experiences with this deck, I'd be more than happy!
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While I don't have her Kaleidoscope one, Nemia

LOVE the VINTAGE GERMAN deck of hers! I am sure others have the Kaleidoscope and you will get posts.
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seven stars 

The *idea* of this deck was to be able to read a deck that no one else knows what the heck you're seeing. Once you "see" it, you can't unsee it....and the images are Very obscure. You really have to know the Vintage German to know what to look for. To whoever you're reading for, it just looks like an assortment of kaleidoscopes. I think I might re-do this at some point with images that are a little easier to figure out upon first glance. With these it's a little like 'where's waldo'.
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I think that's exactly the wonderful thing about it. You are so creative, it's wonderful. I feast my eyes on your shop.
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IMHO, I think it looks perfect the way it is.
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