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Crystals for a client's child

Hi lovely people

A massage client of mine has a very tactile 11 year old boy who is in need of of few things that I thought some crystals may help with.

Here are the issues he need help with:

Grounding - he tends to have his head in the clouds and currently has an air imbalance that needs working on
Communication - he currently has no filter and uses anger by way of communication a lot
Loss of his Father - unfortunately his Father past away within the last couple of years and he is having difficulty moving past this

I have already suggested sodalite for communication. Black stones, smokey quartz, and bloodstone for grounding. However, I'm not sure if any of those a suitable for children or what to suggest for anger and loss. I have also mentioned about letting him choose as he will be naturally drawn to something he needs. Any suggestions I can pass on would be amazing. Then his Mother will be able to take him to have a look at the selection available in the local store.

Thanks heaps!

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oh, the poor kid! That is a very heavy loss in the life of a child! Maybe an amethyst which is known as a master healer would help him or perhaps a clear quartz, which is also a healing crystal. I was also thinking a rose quartz, but for a boy--he may be turned off by a pink colored crystal. Jade is another good idea too--as it is a very soothing crystal--so it may help him with his grief and help him to heal from this great loss in his life. It is also a crystal that brings happiness with it--so maybe he will begin to find life pretty good again and fun to be a part of.
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Nice, the first thing I thought as I read your post was Sodalite as well. I like celticsnoodles recommendation of Rose Quartz, but I feel that perhaps Lithium Quartz might be more suitable in this situation. I know that when I hold a Lithium Quartz I feel a wave of contentment wash over me almost instantly accompanied by the feeling that everything is going to be okay. If the energy is too much, Lepidolite is a similar energy , but less intense.
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Thanks for the suggestions!
Those are some great ideas thanks!
I'll keep in mind the lepidolite (I'm pretty sure there's no lithium quartz in the local shop)

I've been doing a bit of research and borrowed a crystal book from a friend and was able to get some more ideas. I thought it would be a good idea to be able to suggest crystals that could do more than one job so split my search into four categories: Grounding, anger/calming, grief, and communication. These are the one that I think I'll be suggesting...

*Amethyst - good for all
*Sodalite - all except grief
*Smokey quartz - all except communication
*Jet - grief, anger
Clear quartz - good for all
Black obsidian - grounding grief
Blue coral - anger, communication
Angelite - grief, communication
Black tourmaline - grounding, anger

I think the ones with the * may be the best bet to start with... I'll keep you updated, if I can, on what they end up getting

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I agree with the feelion, that black tourmaline would be useful here. For some reason I also feel lapis lazuli might help him.
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