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Originally Posted by andromedastarseed View Post
I've started to practice reading for clients (currently I'm not charging as I want the experience), but I'm noticing I'm having a hard time filling a 30 minute reading slot. I'm usually done within 15 minutes, 20 if I'm lucky and the client is chatty.

I guess my question is how do I lengthen my readings? Do I have them ask more questions and cast more spreads, or should I do a giant spread? Or am I putting too much pressure on myself?

Thanks in advance!
When I'm doing online readings, one of the things I miss is being able to sit with my client and just interact with them instead of typing out my reading. Ideally, a face-to-face reading is the most rewarding and useful, I think, because it's an interaction between two people, which takes it out of the boxed-up sort of product that an online reading produces.

I like to use this spread because it allows for a very good source of information the sitter has asked for but it also allows for branching out at different points during the spread if further questions warrant that. That will add some time, just for one method. It works well for me. I can split it up into a past, present, future or any of a number of categories if I want to so it's versatile and will fill time because you're making it a conversation rather than just a one-sided recitation.
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