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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
You do you, Bscotty38. But yeah, if I were to buy a used deck, I would pray over it, use white sage smudge sticks or incense on it, reorder it (to make sure there are no missing cards) while meditating on the images, and then conduct a new deck interview so I'd get to know it more.
If I'd done all that with every deck I ever got, I would never have made it to here to tell you...
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I think I only own 1 used deck and the only things I did with it was reorder it and count the cards, as well as wipe it with a damp cloth as it was kinda filthy. I ended up trimming it too so now it's a nice pocket size Haven't used it in a while but I can't say I've gotten any bad vibes from it.
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
If I'd done all that with every deck I ever got, I would never have made it to here to tell you...
Lol I know the powers that be would make an exception for you, gregory. With your voluminous collection, even if you were to perform this on 3 decks per day (which would be quite mentally exhausting), it would still take you years to go through your entire museum. I reckon you figured that it would be a wiser use of your time if you spent it reading the cards rather than performing lengthy rituals.
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