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Lily other meanings...share yours

Since the last spread has been very helpful....this is another card that I would love to get other possible meanings from your experience.

meanings I have come across:
-Something that takes time (to develop or happen...not the same as delay...along the same line of it takes 9 - 10 months before a baby is born)
-Sexuality/sexual allure (where whip is more of the physical action)

What other meanings have you found it to mean in your practice?
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Memories, the past, reminiscing

A peaceful situation, mellowing out, relaxing

The elderly, old age, grandparents

Funeral flowers
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father, old, long-time, rest, elder, peaceful, sex,

pure, or questionable.
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Old(er) aged people
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Family matters, often involving children, siblings and cousins.

Family fortunes, for those members not in your own household.

If above the Significator, an indicator of moral virtue, happiness; if below, the possibility of moral decay, difficulties and unhappiness.

Above and with good cards, deep and enduring happiness.

An older man (grandfather or other senior male family member).

Traditional values, perhaps legacies passed on within a family.

Sexuality as an extension of a satisfying family life. (Whip is more recreational sex.)

Sometimes protection within a social services context.
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