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9 Readings for Feedback in 3 Days

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9 Readings for Feedback in 3 Days

Hello friends,

Please post a greeting and question.

I will draw a focus card separately and then do a 3-card spread.
I plan to give readings 1-3 today, 3-6 tomorrow, and 4-9 on Saturday, so let me know if you have a preference on days.

If questions require legal or medical advice, I may likely see guidance to the appropriate sources or professionals! For third-party mind reading, I may likely see a reflection of your perspective like a story told from your point-of-view.

1. AppleSpice--reading and feedback
2. Aries2014--reading and feedback
3. selenatarot--reading and feedback
4. Noni--reading and feedback
5. CosmicBeing--reading
6. Fourteen--reading, feedback, and backfeed.
7. NightOfTheCosmos--reading and feedback
8. snowmoon--reading and feedback
9. WHO WILL BE MY LAST READING AT A.T. EVER??? EmpyreanKnight--reading
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Hi Wheelie, I don't think we've read for each other before!

I'll be happy to take a sit!

Could the cards help give me insight on JL's perspective towards me?

Thanks, AppleSpice
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Hey can I pls sit for another fab read

As I've literally just spoke to S who I asked about on your last thread he called to see why I cut contact but we spoke about that and there's this ex of his who's still on his case and he's not really putting me straight about what's happening he's just saying "I don't know"
So if you could maybe ask what I can expect next from S
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Hi Wheelie

Thanks for offering to read
Your last reading was bang on!
Today or tomorrow would be great but not fussed if anyone else has an urgent question.
I'm wondering - what is something I should know, that will give me comfort right now?

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I would love to take spot 3.

My question is whether you see me securing a job within the next month. I am applying for jobs but at the moment doing odd jobs. I can give a further update over the next few weeks. I am handing in an application on Monday.
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I was just thinking of you and needing some advice...
I Hope your week is well...if you accept me.

SPOT #4 or #5

May I have a focus area of my temperament
need some advice on how to not let it get the best of me...how to improve it when dealing with others...
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Thanks for joining me, old friends and new!

Everyone should be on the list, and I hope to complete at least the first 3 before 5:00!

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Hi wheelie!

We haven't read for each other yet. If you accept a new sitter here's my question: I'm in a long distance relationship with S and I will see him in July. I would like to know why is he being so distant right Now?

No urgence for Me, so I'd say the sooner te better if you accept me.
Thanks a lot!
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Hi there! How are you? I'm not sure where you are, but I hope you still have spots open. If not, I apologize. This might be a weird question, but I'm having some body image issues right now, and I was wondering: How can I deal with these body image issues? I'm on the transgender spectrum and it's somehow tough to deal with how my body looks, that's why. I hope this is a cool question, and not too intense. I'm not in a hurry either. Thanks a lot!
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Reading for AppleSpice

Reading for AppleSpice on JL

Could the cards help give me insight on JL's perspective towards me?
Please receive what is helpful; ignore what does not resonate and let it fall away.

The Focus

Universal Waite

The cards seem to ask us to consider possibilities, what is imagined, what is hoped, what is dreamed for, what is feared?
We build castles in the air. We fight dragons from the past. Our hearts can imbue reality with the colors and scents and sounds that exist mainly in the imagination!
When two people interact over time or have a relationship, feelings can be telegraphed, anticipated, and even invoked. Patterns can be ingrained but can also be replaced.

With this focus in mind, what insight can the cards give on JL's living, breathing, growing perspective?

The Answer

Click here to see a picture of your spread.
From Radiant Waite in a Tin to a yellow silk handkerchief.

Ace of Wands Rx.. Knight of Swords.. Eight of Cups Rx

Ace of Wands may suggest the way fresh feelings can be hampered. Since relationships have to be renewed, whether by informal daily forgiveness or formal yearly anniversaries, if the old ashes are not cleared away, the fire can wane. Disappointments and misunderstandings have to be addressed so new ground can be covered.

The Knight of Swords charges in with clear thinking. Although he can sometimes offend, his energy is needed for clear communication. He can dispel mistrust and nightmare visions as well as fantasy and day dreams. He can break up patterns of negative thinking as well as misplaced positive thinking. He champions the old adage that confession is good for the soul. He says, "Let's get everything out in the open and clear the air."

The 8 of Cups Rx may show the journey away from illusion and the fantastical moonlight is hampered if things continue. Sometimes those replayed feelings can be comfortable and familiar and can be useful in their season. Sometimes the dream must be cleared by the daylight so the moonlit night can be enjoyed again in it's turn, a natural cycle of relationships.
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