Fixed vs. Adaptable meanings when reading cards?

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Originally Posted by headincloud View Post
I'm pretty indifferent as to whether you understand me or not, and how you view the tarot is up to you, follow your own way and what others think will simply bounce off rather than offend, there's no need to try and reform people into your way of thinking simply walk on by.
You're right, it's exactly why I stated that as long as you get the message then what's the issue
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Originally Posted by obeygravity View Post
You're right, it's exactly why I stated that as long as you get the message then what's the issue
There is no issue if that's what you're trying to do I guess but as I explained earlier that's not really my personal objective with tarot. If it were messages I were trying to reach I'd try going direct as opposed to using cards as a medium.

However, spirit will use whatever symbolism we've learnt as a means of communication once we've developed clairvoyant ability, universal magic I call it, it seems that's where the two systems cross.
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