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Originally Posted by Anne_23 View Post
Ok, let me know how this fits.

Base: Emperor

Five of Pentacles, Magician, Four of Pentacles

After the last week you seem to have a better handle on things with a higher perspective. You are seeing the world around you for what it is and have a greater confidence of manifesting what you want. This, however, seems to be coming after a time where you feel you have lost control of everything, that everything slipped out of your hands suddenly. You may have remnants of this, and there may still be a sense of wanting to blame yourself for everything. Though I feel that is more or less in the past. You are still a bit guarded and protective as if you don't entirely know if you can trust everyone around you. I feel the Emperor and Magician are dominating this at the moment and you are more authoritative in who you are and I keep getting a sense of confidence and positivity.
Hiya A!

Yes, after the last week i'm more capable of that. I'm on my vacations and i'm finally being able to rest and to see what i want to do after i leave my job. Yes, this is after a period where i thought that i was out of control...and yes, this thing about blaming myself is strong...impressive how you got that. Yes, i'm MUCH more confident and feeling positive, but it's a movement of opening more and more...

Excellent reading!

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