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If for the last time you're to suggest only one deck to all ATers, which would it be?

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Ƭrionfi dℇlla ℒuna

Originally Posted by velvetina View Post
oh Lordy

one final suggestion?

I'd have to say then get a Marseilles (the Madenie is lovely, there's a nice cheap version by Mary Packard if you can't afford the other) and begin to invent your very own tradition.

Look through the Major Arcana and decide what the archetypes mean for you. Decide upon the characters of the Court Cards; who do you think they are? What do numbers mean to you? And the 4 suits - how do you differentiate between them?

Start tarot over, just for yourself.

That hit home, velvetina. After flitting from tradition to tradition, the last place I looked ended up being the best fit. Marseille decks have room for you.

Trionfi della Luna is my deck of personal tradition.
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Hanson-Roberts was the one I learnt to read with.
Rider-Waite is next.
All Baba Prague´s decks.
My new love Shadowscapes.
And my old love for Tarot of a Moon Garden.
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The Tyldwick Tarot because from all the 200+ tarot decks I own, it is the one. I feel "free" with this deck... I don't understand why, I guess I just feel the mood of the room... I feel naturally inclined to it...
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Sheridan Douglas cause most of you have all either decided if you like TdMs or not and you all have Waite-Smith
But Sheridan Douglas is a little gem of a deck (thanks Bodhiseed for enabling me)
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If I only had to choose one deck (other than a classic RWS/ Thoth/ Marseille) - it would be the Tyldwick.

The Tarot of Prague is a close second, and the Tubala Mundi is an esoteric masterpiece.

I've recently acquired a Mystical Tarot and it seems like a special deck with a simple LWB written for the 21st century.

I'm going to miss this place, and all of you.

Thank you for everything

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Tarot of the Secret Forest. It's an underrated deck for sure. It challenges you to trust your intuition and to draw on your reactions and emotional responses towards the cards to gather meaning, which isn't always easy but can be very rewarding in the end. For someone starting out it would make a very good complementary deck to use and compare alongside a standard RWS based deck.

Wow, just realised this will probably be my last post on this forum! I'm sure I'll see a lot of you all as we disperse to other forums, so it doesn't feel quite like goodbye. Thanks for all that I've learned over the years.
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Thoth a deck that I wanted since I was 8 years old!
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A lot of the biggies have already been named and suggested here. But my final deck recommendation . . . is the Asherah tarot. I've found myself deeply captivated by it.
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Il Meneghello's reproduction of the Cary-Yale deck (Tarocchi Visconti di Modrone)
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Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot in A Tin
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