If for the last time you're to suggest only one deck to all ATers, which would it be?

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I would have to go with the one that got me into all of this; The Bohemian Gothic. Or rather, more specifically, the silver which is a beauty and a treasure in its own right.

For a deck that looks ancient and battered but has the virtue of amazing card stock I'd say the Deck of the Bastard. Push the boat out and get the backs personalised - it really makes it feel like it was made just for you.

Finally, a deck honest and true, readable and good for new and experienced - the Druidcraft.
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This is so tough!

I'd have to go with the Thoth because of its beauty and depth and Tarot of the Sidhe for its soul.
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The Mary-El. For all itīs power and all itīs glory.

And for the final plea (oh, so sad):
It does great in everyday readings! It really does!
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ONE deck???

How about categories??

Pagans + cats = Pagan Cats

Pagans - cats = Robin Wood

Cats - pagans = Cat's Eye

Arthurian = Arthurian (Matthews)

Fairies = Victorian Fairy

Steampunk = cannot decide! (Same with Dark!)

Special items: Halloween, Grail, Dore Bible, Arcus Arcanum, Prairie

Pips only/traditional = Ancient Italian

RWS type (general): Morgan Greer, Mary Hanson-Roberts, and the version or edition or printing of the actual RWS that you like best!

Love you all.
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Thoth I think....no... Radiant RWS...no... Liber T....no...impossible!
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Originally Posted by Glass Owl View Post
At two low points, I found myself gifted two decks from ATers that I consider my most treasured decks. The Victorian Romantic Tarot (gold edition) and the Hoi Polloi Tarot. I thank you so much for them. It isn't just the physical items either, it was the thought and love that went into these amazing gifts.
You're so very welcome!

Oh! and---did I already recommend Bonefire?
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Scarlet Woodland 

The Druidcraft Tarot (Set with book). It's gorgeous, plenty of RW foundation and has a beautiful, in depth guidebook.

I have sooo many decks I love now but this deck and book were all the tarot resource I needed for nearly 10 years. If my decks were all lost, I could go back to just the Druidcraft in a heartbeat.

Don't make me though
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I can easily pick one deck. It is the Bohemian Gothic. Always, the Bohemian Gothic. Especially my silver edition. Stole my heart from the first moment I saw it.

Bohemian Gothic tarot
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started of using Rider Waite, I thought know other
then used Morgan-greer and I thought oh yes this is it
now I'm TdM, yes this fits
now just started on Thoth, blown out of the water
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