Can I Be Your Hero? An Interview With A Deck Spread (5) by Glass Owl

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Can I Be Your Hero? An Interview With A Deck Spread (5) by Glass Owl

Can I Be Your Hero? An Interview With A Deck Spread (5) by Glass Owl
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Superman: "I know lots of people are asking questions now that I'm back and I think it's only fair that I answer... those people."
Lois: "So... you're here for an interview?"

Whether you you want to reconnect with an old deck from your collection or get acquainted with a shiny new one, this spread is a fun way to break the ice. Does your deck have what it takes to be a superhero? It's time to find out! This spread is my version of [a href=""]FireRaven's New Deck Interview Spread[/a] with a comic book twist.


1. The Man of Steel
Who are you? What defines you?
"I'm Superman."

2. The Job
What can you help me with?
[i]"This looks like a job for Superman."

3. Your Superpower
What are your strengths as a deck? 
"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!"

4. Your Kryptonite
What is a weakness or limitation you have? 
"You're hurting him. That's Kryptonite!"

5. Working Together As A Team
What can I do to support a positive working relationship with you?

"No, Sir. Don't thank me, Warden. We're all part of the same team. Good night."
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