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Originally Posted by OnePotato View Post
The 2007 ATC AT Majors Collaborative Deck will always remind me of Aeclectic.

This was the one collaborative deck project that I participated in, on any forum, that was an entirely pleasant experience for me.

You can see photos of the finished deck in the first post here:
...but the real fun was in doing it.

Agree with the ATF decks ...
Hi OnePotato (the best nick I remember here)
I think all of the decks we made here were something extraordinary and special.
How fast things have moved now - the graphics have come such a long way in such a short time.

AFT members collectively did astounding things!





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When I finally get a copy, the Thoth probably.

For worse, the Shadowscapes and how none of us like the cardstock or card size. Everytime I grab the deck it echoes in my mind!
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What was that deck we collectively invented to try an register for a Tarot certification. Something to do with goats and tinfoil.
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Originally Posted by Miss Divine View Post
My Baba decks. Especially Bohemian Cats, Victorian Romantic and the Bohemian Gothic.
They came out during the beginning of my tarot journey. And I just love and adore those decks. They were discussed here alot! That was back when the creator (Karen) was still active on this site too.

Ditto this. I was lucky enough to be around for the BG creation thread and release - it was such an exciting time and I'd just joined. It marked the start of my tarot journey. Happy days!
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Two - the Von Waite. And Distant Past. Neither of which I would have had a clue about had it not been for AT
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Probably Druidcraft. Mainly because it was the one I used the most for many years in the early days here in exchanges.
I hadn't used it much for a long time and hadn't posted here in a while and suddenly had an urge to break it out and use it this week.
It inspired me to pop on here and see what's new when I suddenly got an email saying I had a PM on AT. I log in thinking that's a strange coincidence to find a kind member has written to inform me of the closure.
Talk about freaky. It seems rather uncanny now.
Druidcraft must have known!!! :O
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The Ancient Italian/Soprafino. A few years ago that deck was one of the fads here. It is still my favorite.
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page of ghosts 

Probably the Thoth. I hadn't thought very much about studying it before I signed up for AT, it was one of those important decks I might get very far in the future, but as I read about what other members had to say about it I started to find it more and more interesting until I got a copy of it recently.
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The Etruscan and the Medieval Scapini were definitely bc of Aeclectic many years ago. Also the Mary-EL. And more recently, I finally drank the Kool-Aid and bought a Thoth deck. This site will be leaving a purple hole in my universe. Yep will be missing all the daily purple
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Tarot M... now the abula Mundi

and Pixie's Lenormand

both for the creative journeys that we all got to go on

with honorable mention to the Day of the Dead Lenormand thread

and then there was the camp classic threads for

The ALL BEAR Tarot ..... yeaaaaaaaaaa

and it's sister Cockroach Deck
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