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For me it is probably still the Liber T - I have had such a love affair with this deck for so long. I have 3 copies, one that has all my notes and keywords written on it, the first time I've ever written on a deck, and then my working deck and then a spare. But when I bought the deck first in 2005, I think, I hated it on sight and then proceeded to post about my dislike, and also traded the deck on. Fast forward a couple of years and I get another Liber T and I loved this deck to bits so had to go back and put little edits in my original posts.

And also the Baba decks - Victorian Romantic Gold and the standard deck, Tarot of Prague and then the Bohemian Gothic - all very special feeling decks that I wouldn't have bought if I hadn't have seen them and followed the threads on here.

Infact thinking about it, it's AT's fault that I ended up with so many decks .
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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
What was that deck we collectively invented to try an register for a Tarot certification. Something to do with goats and tinfoil.
Oh yes! I'd forgotten that - that was such a fun thread.

I associate AT with the various Baba decks and the excited clamour as a new was released. Also, the decks with controversial cards - World Spirit is one which springs to mind.
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our collab 5th AT Deck! happy I was in time to participate in making a history! lol
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Probably the strongest memory will be my Llewellyn Tarot, trimmed version, which someone gifted me in one of our exchanges. That also was the deck that finally convinced me that some decks beg to be trimmed, so after that, any deck I have already trimmed or will trim in the future will always be associated with AT.

Other decks like Baba ones and Ciro's also have huge AT memories since the artist shared so much with us during the creating process.
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The World Spirit. I had only seen pictures of it and didn't like it. But then it became the travelling deck and it spent a couple of days here on its journey round the world - and I loved it. I bought a deck of my own and have used it a lot - it's a great deck to read with. But I'd never have discovered that if it hadn't set out on its travels. I think the travelling deck ended up (as the result of a raffle) with MeeWah.
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It would have to be Legacy of The Divine Tarot, i saw the Queen Of Wands image on the box cover somewhere and knew instantly that i wanted it. Of course i know now the Queen of Wands is a fire sign (like me). I received it as a birthday present even though i knew nothing about tarot so i joined AT and the rest is history as they say... Aaahhh the memories...

The Baba decks are extra special, they have to be up there too (along with Ciro's decks!).
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Originally Posted by WolfSpirit View Post
The All Hallows Tarot, created by an AT member.
Where IS Chronata? Was anyone able to reach her?

I will always associate Chronata's decks, and seven stars decks with AT Dejavue, did I already post that? Sorry.
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Glass Owl 

I will always associate two of my decks with AT. The Hoi Polloi and the Victorian Romantic. Both were gifted to me and I treasure them as well as the generous spirits of those involved.
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Well well, long time no see!

It's been far too long, i can't believe it's been ten years since the Fourth AT community deck

What a blast it was creating it. lol ''are all the old timers still here

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A'HA Oracle, because it was through trying to find an outlet for A'HA that I discovered the huge world at AT...

Greenwood, because I fell in love with it and ached that I'n never own one, and was overwhelmed that someone would simply gift it to me!!! Thank you so much, Penthasilia.

And Thoth, because gregory tracked one down for me, and encouraged me to study with the group... I have yet to get through every card, but it opened up a whole other tarot world for me.. and, I am delighted to have become better acquainted with wise gregory!
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