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Originally Posted by linnie View Post

And Thoth, because gregory tracked one down for me, and encouraged me to study with the group... I have yet to get through every card, but it opened up a whole other tarot world for me.. and, I am delighted to have become better acquainted with wise gregory!
I always followed Lillie and Gregory on the Thoth threads, they both taught me alot about these decks and there was always great banter!!
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Because if I hadn't signed up here it would never have existed. The 78 card study and other stuff got me into doing it.

Oh, and Frankie and Shelley, and the Myce
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Originally Posted by Disa View Post
Where IS Chronata? Was anyone able to reach her?
She knows; she has posted on FB, I am told.
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So many, it has been a blast reading this thread.

Yes, the excitement around the baba decks esp Prague and BBCats. I enjoyed the whole Frankendecken journey, loved the photos and the stories, some of us really got into it. Decks lovely people gave me, Hoi Polloi and Maddoni, the Noni Mouse deck which I won in the draw and of course gregory's deck.

Creation threads I enjoyed and got the decks when complete: All Bears, Pixie's lenormand, Chronata's decks (I treasure my deck of Midnight Masquerade), and so many more. The creation process is fascinating, especially for a non-artist like me.

I got into the Thoth here and tried the TdM thanks to reading about it here. I still treasure and use the Thoth, the TdM, well, not really. And the only deck that I ever trimmed was a large sized Thoth and it went well thanks to reading about it here.

Most of my collection is thanks to the interest and excitement about decks generated here.
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Hi Marian/Alta, i will always remember the Tarot creation boards with all AT's talented artists, it was an exciting buzz seeing Blue-Fusion, Chronata, Lillie, Sidhe-Ra, Moonboy, LittleBuddha creating their own decks, and it was always great to see how they all worked artistically through out the process.
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as a member who participated in the atf community project 2 and 3,

I am most proud of
the six of of swords ,,
it reflected my idea of major arcana intereacting for the minor cards

the devil
it reflected the part of touch by angel where the devil tells he angel, just fall I will catch you.

the page of swords
the sword descending from the heavens,, so the page can use it. did the page ask for it,, or did he get to get ready ?

and hate my 7 of swords eheh.
my artistic skill ,, bah..
due to an error and lack of supplies, energy I had to incorpate that into the pips cards.

hm for me I think of the soul tiding cards sent by former moderator Diana a the time. it came all he way from Africa and It was a present..i still got it , in its box,, I read with it now and then.
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ana luisa 

All Baba decks will bring me back to AT. And probably all decks I saw being made and perfected here by their creators who were also members. There comes that void feeling again...
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Having already mentioned the World Spirit, I've also started thinking about the wonderful Transparent Tarot and the Fantastic Menagerie - both with strong links to AT.
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I've written up all my study of the Arthurian Hallowquest here, so that has quite a strong vote. I also bought a big tarot collection via the promptings of these pages, so those decks are always associated with that thread

I met some AT folk in real life, and one of them kindly bought her Kashmir Tarot so I could see it - I would not have bought it without that - so thank you Gregory, it is the most wonderful and beautiful deck.

But I created my Patchwork decks only because of the great kindness of folks here - from all around the world cards came in mail - such a great expression of this community - so they will always belong to me, and to everyone who watched and helped as they came together.

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Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
OOHHH..The Frankie decks...yeah....
Yes! That tops the list for me, and I am sooooo fortunate to have Shelly to always remember. More threads to search for......

Otherwise, I'd have to say the DruidCraft/Plants/Animals, the Gaian, and Ironwing.
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