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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
I always followed Lillie and Gregory on the Thoth threads, they both taught me alot about these decks and there was always great banter!!
Yes, cool, weren't they?
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The Bohemian Gothic for sure. It was my first non mass market deck and I remember being so excited to finally have a Baba deck. I don't use it much, but whenever I do I know I'll think of AT
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I just remembered 2 oracle decks that were early purchases that always will remind me of Aeclectic: Oracle of the Dreamtime
Froud's Fairies Oracle

and Lenormand of course.

This site is a giant and will be referred to for a very long time, I am sure. Thank you Solandia.
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Since I've been here so long the answer has to be all of them but specifically I think it has to be The Wild Unknown Tarot because of the huge involvement I had in creating the study group. I love that deck

Wild Unknown Tarot
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For me it will always be the Thoth. I think I actually got it a very short time before before I signed up, and couldn't make heads or tails of it, but it was here that I learned to love it (read: be obsessed with it!). I've had so many great teachers on AT, and in fact most of my education about it was right here (apart from books and stuff). But yeah, the Thoth for me was all AT, and in time I like it so much I started to moderate it.

But beyond that, and I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned, the Dollar Tree Tarot. I don't like it and I don't have it, but if I ever see it anywhere, I'll make sure to buy it for At's sake.
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I forgot to mention the decks of Ciro Marchetti. I was very excited to get the limited edition of the Tarot of Dreams, and I've admired (and bought) his decks ever since. He was also good at answering questions, and he felt like a part of the forum.
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Definitely agree with this Miss Divine! :-)
However for me it was the original LE Tarot of Prague Baba deck.
It will always be close to my heart.
I missed Karen's and the occasional Alex post's.

Originally Posted by Miss Divine View Post
My Baba decks. Especially Bohemian Cats, Victorian Romantic and the Bohemian Gothic.
They came out during the beginning of my tarot journey. And I just love and adore those decks. They were discussed here alot! That was back when the creator (Karen) was still active on this site too.
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All of Pablo Robledo's decks.
And all those by Yves le Marsaillais.

It has been wonderful to see them both plan, develop, and successfully produce their historical TdM Reproductions!
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Originally Posted by nicky View Post
also the Tarot Illuminati dumpster fire thread LOL
I need to see this now.
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Marcus R 

I found the Bonefire mentioned here when I first signed up on AT. Finding that it is an Australian deck was all the temptation I needed to purchase it. I had no idea there were Australian designed and made decks before coming to AT.
In fact I had only been interested in Tarot for a month before signing up.

So glad I have the limited edition original with Gabi's hand written LWB.
Thank you Woodeneye (Gabi Angus-West).
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