5 of Pentacles reversed and Death reversed???

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5 of Pentacles reversed and Death reversed???

On the position of "How you see each other?" I got a Reversed 5 of Pentacles (How you see him?) and a Reversed Death (How he sees you?) and I am having trouble understanding what these reversed cards mean to a relationship reading.

I feel like 5 of Pentacles is meaning that I am feeling like I will get nothing from him, as in he wont be giving me anything emotionally or spiritually. And Death might be because he is having trouble getting over his ex-gf maybe? So since he is not being able of mourning properly he has no space for me? But this card was on the position that connects to me and not to his baggage so I cant understand what this would mean regarding to me.

Also on the "His desires from you" position I got a reversed Ace of Swords... He doesnt want me to come up with ideas? Or he doesnt want anything mentally stimulating to happen?

I feel bad asking about too many cards so this one is optional, as in ill just mention this here I guess. On "How he regards the relationship" I got an upright 5 of Wands, he feels like he has to fight/earn his place in the relationship I guess?

Thanks to everyone for the attention. This one has confused the living heck out of me and im sorry for the long question.
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