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Thanks for finding this for me IndigoWaves

Originally Posted by IndigoWaves View Post
For folks who've been unable to retrieve posts made from over 1 year ago and/or have made over 1000 posts:


**** ...So, give this a try: ****


Cheers and good luck.
Here's the text I had posted in that thread;

Originally Posted by Trogon

1) Go to the forum's main page.

2) Click "Search" in the blue menu bar and select "Advanced Search".

3) Type your user name in the "Search by User Name" block and set the option to "Find threads started by user". Or if you feel you may have posted in an existing thread, set it to "Find posts by user".

4) Under "Search Options" set "Find Posts from" to A Year Ago and the next button to "And Older"

5) Also under "Search Options" set "Sort Results by" to "Thread starting date" and "ascending order".

6) Set "Search in forums" to only 1 forum (such as "Talking Tarot").

This all limits the number of posts that are found. You may have to do a few searches to find your very first post, but it should work for you.

Step #5 is critical to finding your first thread. This negates the 1000 return limit, by taking you from the earliest date.

If you wish to find the first thread you participated in; Where you type your name for the search, open the drop-down and set to "Find posts by user".

Changing so I got all my posts led me to a post on 29 August 2002 where I replied on a "Birthday Spread"; http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=6843
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Originally Posted by Scarlet Woodland View Post
rwcarter - This is the earliest I could find for you, about a week after you first joined? http://www.tarotforum.net/showpost.p...5&postcount=22
I guess that's possible. Spreads wasn't even on my list of forums I might've posted first in though! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Alta View Post
Here is mine:


Because of that post MeeWah and I became friends as she PMd me about it.

A real memory trip reading some of those names of others posting.

ETA: I was using Marion as my member name at that time.
Hi Alta!
I'm curious to know if you met anyone x
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Originally Posted by Scarlet Woodland View Post
I sorted results by last post in ascending order in the advanced search bit. Apologies if everyone's already tried this
Wow ! That's a day earlier than the one I had found which I assumed must be... I'd LOVE to believe it was - so I'll take it! THANKS
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Scarlet Woodland 

Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Wow ! That's a day earlier than the one I had found which I assumed must be... I'd LOVE to believe it was - so I'll take it! THANKS
I'd frame it place of a certificate if I was you
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Well, I'm not surprised that my first post was on the Tarot Trading forum back in May of 2002, since that's where I usually hang out. And I didn't actually post a New Member introduction until Dec 2003! (http://tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=19971). And to reread this post? Wow, how time has passed! My sons were only 5 and 2, and now my oldest is going to college in August! aaaiiigghhh!
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I found my first post which was to someone's reading that they thought they were going to jail after pulling the Justice card, I was literally saying you will be okay and that is probably not going to happen

This was my first ever thread I started here. I was so nervous it was wrong or in the wrong place.

That is a lovely story Alta, how you met MeeWah here
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My first post was just an introduction. I've told that story so many times... and four years is really not such a long time. I was a lurker for so many years.... how silly was that?

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My first post was here, in the New Members area:


I received a very warm welcome from a bunch of nice folks!

P.S. -- Is there a way to search the tarotforum.net archives once we are not logged in?
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It's likely this one, from Your Readings:

Originally Posted by dancing_moon

I'm a beginner myself, and I find it easier to read cards when I ask more specific questions and/or use more specific card positions.

To find out about health issues, it helps when you assign each card a specific area, e.g. physical health, mental health etc, or a specific organ/organ group, e.g. lungs/respiratory system, heart, stomach etc, whatever division you find relevant or whatever area you are worried about.

As far as 'telling a story', your reading sounds good, though.
Posted the next day after I joined the AT. Makes sense that I'd jump right in.
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