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Tower with 8 of Swords as an action

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Tower with 8 of Swords as an action

Ok, so I've been feeling trapped lately about a health issue I've been going through the last weeks. I clearly need external help, so I asked the cards about what action can I take to get help in this particular situation.
The answer was the Tower with the eight of Swords.
And I am confused.
The Tower has been showing up for this health condition. So I interpret it that way. But the eight of Swords as an action? It confuses me because for me, the eight of Swords is a very passive card, like a submission to the circumstances, a resignation.

Any insights?
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Were you using the 8 of Swords as a clarifier? If it wasn't a clarifier then it could mean you're letting this health issue keep you stuck and that you need to break out of this confining mindset, tear down your whole idea of what's going on and what you've been doing (or not doing) about it and rebuild your health regimen and how you see yourself. Your health is an aspect of your life but it isn't your whole life.

The Tower may refer to the health issue in some readings but that doesn't mean it means that in all readings you do about it.
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Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
Were you using the 8 of Swords as a clarifier?
Not a clarifier. I draw the two cards together. They were meant to be read together.
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mrs ahab 

The 8 of swords can be telling you that you need to wake up and shake off those shackles, you feel trapped and can see no way out, but there is a way, you have to find it. So long as you believe you are trapped then you are. Take off the blindfold and look for the way out. Even if there is no physical escape from your condition, then there may be a way for you to mentally escape it, if the condition has become your tower then you need to do this. Perhaps that's meditation, or finding a a support group, or a hobby. DO something to help yourself, sometimes we make our own prison.
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Hello Aloe...
I think there may be an electrical issue. The Tower is struck by lightning in the RW card. Our bodies are made up (if you believe in that sort of thing) of electrical wiring, one could say. This is what a lot of natural healing methods are based on. It may be that somewhere in that wiring system there is an issue with the impulses - and this might be so if the health issue is focused on a specific area. Once that area is blocked it will start to affect other areas.

So my recommendation would be to get some acupuncture if at all possible (the Swords), that will start to balance the energetics so that functioning can be repaired. If there's an electrical feedback or flow issue or something like that - that needs to be put right. There's also energy routines one can do which use the magnetism or whatever it is of our hands. I'm thinking there's stress also, which probably needs balancing too - we get stressed then calm down, but it puts us out of whack energetically.

It's just come to me to look at the Feng around your home. There may be clutter behind you somewhere or something like sharp arrows or corners. Get rid of those if you can. Eat a clean meat free diet and as little dairy as possible, too, and plenty of water to take a load off your system and help the electrics flow. And of course, seek medical support to keep you safe while you balance all these things - and keep up the energy medicine whilst on any prescribed medications as they can put you out of whack too! If possible, get colonic irrigation done. Sounds terrible, but Edgar Cayce recommended it and I love him and have been planning one for myself.

Best wishes,
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Acupuncture is an interesting recommendation that seems perfectly in tune with the 8 of Swords. I have a view of this card that is a little different. In the RWS version, the woman in the card seems to be at a dead end, completely stymied. She can't go back from whence she came, she can't see or touch her surrounding environment. Sensory deprivation is the obvious message. Only her feet are unbound and she has to cautiously advance based on intuition alone. For me, the water flowing off the lower right side of the card is the key to solving this dilemma. Pisces rules the feet, and Pisces is considered the "psychic" sign. Engaging that faculty with the off-card flow could bring her to the next stage.

Not sure any of this is useful information, probably only food for thought.
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