Got the Sakki-Sakki tarot!!

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I got it now Mpress!!
And I love it, so cute and quirky and funny and just really kind of warm.

I am really glad I decided to buy it after having looked at that webpage so many times :-)

Will be using it in a few readings soon and might post some of them to the forum.
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Isn't it wonderful? It is joyous...but I have had a couple of very on-the-ball and not very comfortable readings with it!
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Hi Jema!! yes, Sakki is so cool and i too love my deck...and as Helvetica has pointed out, it does give readings that are anything but cute! (I am totally not disparaging this deck!) There is a sharpness, or something to the readings, it is an uncanny deck and gives readings that give me pause.

Mpress gave us something very special in this deck. The images may not look all serious but the readings are. I love it!!!!
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Thanks jema, helvetica and astrid for your latest "additions".
In a way I'm not surprised that the deck gives "not so cutsy readings", as I'm quite familiar with my own sense of humor...

but warmth, is not something i have thought about ... in these words at least...

i don't remember where I read it, but it was around here, and i have a feeling it was by Imagemaker... it was something about how everyone that holds a deck, or a creation in general, and has thoughs, interpretations and feelings about it, how this makes it be alive, be an ever-unfolding creation...where the birth is truly the crreation, the beginning, and not the end...where every viewer becomes a part of it...quite nice... very very nice actually...

thank you...
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I'd also like to clarify, I don't think the art of Sakki Sakki is has a humor to it, but it is slightly dark, or something...I mean, the headless ladies (and the body-less heads) aren't really a cutesy image! An astro friend related it to mercury in Aquarius, sort of rebellious and different, twisted in the best possible way...

and my natal merc in Aquarius is loving that twisted nature!!!
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Sakki-sakki is the first time I 'connected' with a deck.
I only owned the RWS and Thoth before, and RWS images are so 'closed' to me for some reason and the Thoth was to damn dificult (I was 14) at the time. The images on this deck interact with me... it talks to me like a friend, but an honest one (ouch!)!
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The Book...

Hi all!
I wanted to post something about the book, and decided to pop up this thread, since your reactions and comments are the driving force of my continuing work on this, and right now I can use some force...

I had stated that the book will be out in 2005 and I was very sincere about it, as I started working on it on the past January. I worked on it for 3 months, and then some personal developments, kept me out of AT and out of the book...

Now, some (more!) developments, brought me back to the book two months ago, and I have been writing straight since. I'm supposed to compete the book by the end of this month, just in time for editing, revisons and having it ready for my birthday in late November as well as for the holiday season...

So, I'm Almost There. (but not there--yet...)
The last few days I've been attached by a "block" (but this is why I have time to write here...), and now I'm following my own card's advice to get out of it ...
I'm nurturing my "Artist", you see... What a wonderful feeling and thing... Cooking, making birthday cards for my Virgo friends, taking some walks, watching a movie and so on...
How essential, and boy, I was fighting that!!! (be productive...deadline.. be productive...deadline... )

Somehow the creation of the book takes me to a completely different level, as a "creative person". Had to stretch quite a lot, in unknown directions... and it still is hard.... so not technical... so scarry...

I hope it will be good... I promise it will be good...

Now, it has to....
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Hi M-Press,

Good to see you back on here. My Sakki-Sakki is the deck I keep downstairs in my kitchen so when I'm waiting for that kettle to boil or that dinner to cook...out it comes! I am getting closer to it all the time and can't wait for the book. Keep going!

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isn't real life demanding, always keeping us away from ATF from time to time????

it's nice to hear from you. i am also expected the book, i wish you get our impatience as a driving force and not as pressure.

nurture, nurture, M-Press. i need to go and watch your cards now, it's been a while and i am sure they could kick my a** the way it needs to be right now ... wouldn't dare keeping my deck in the kitchen with those crazy cats jumping and dropping everything. i hate cats.

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I just got the Sakki-Sakki and love it to bits. I'm excited for the book, so keep up the good work! This deck really is an excellent teacher about the creative process, and I'm learning so much from it already. I can't wait for the book!
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