Got the Sakki-Sakki tarot!!

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This is my new deck spread for the Sakki-Sakki
VI Lovers, VIII Rods and X Coins.
My q card is VI Lovers. I love my deck, it will give me plenty of
action and I will receive many blessings.
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I'll join the study group too, I reckon. Sounds like fun!
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diane drizzy 

Just found this thread and oh no!!!!!!! Looking at these cards made me smile. I don't easily say that about a set of cards. Let's see I have my birthday, Christmas, and my wedding anniversary in the near future.
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Just found out about this deck after a bit browsing around. Visited the official website. Saw the cards. And immediately fell in love with it!

It's now on my wishlist.
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Just a quicky, from someone that has jet lag again.... to say that I FINALLY have a free card reading on the Tarot section of the site-Majors only.
So, if you don't have the deck yet, it can be a nice way to start getting to know your way around... (and all the Majors have heads, I PROMISE!!!!)

But even if you do have the deck (like me, for example),
a click a day, is all the doctor can say!!!
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M. Sakki's interview

let's crosspost a bit (after the Books and Media board...)

Dear headless big shoed fellows,

the guru spoke. To Diana Wilkes.

Check here, on Tarot Passages:

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Hello dear Kissa!
headless or not!!!
shoeless or not!
I had to read your post a couple of times to find out who the guru is, and I'm still not sure...

I better go read that interview soon... I might find out a couple of new things there...
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Oh - great interview. I really like it!

That's also a very "you" photograph :-)
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It is a great interview and a great photo as well!

In the interview M-Press says 'It gives funny, sometimes sarcastically funny, readings' and this reminded me of a reading I did the other day. I had been browsing antique furniture and was dithering over a single chair or a pair of matching rococco chairs. One part of the reading requested the deck to give me a reason why I should not get the single chair and I pulled the 10 Cups.

The two heads on the 10 Cups touch each other as they celebrate their togetherness and some of the colours on the card matched (so well!) the colours in the tapestry on the pair of chairs that I sniggered to myself as the answer was so clear. This deck has a real sense of humour sometimes! I got the rococco chairs!

Great interview!

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Looking forward to it!

I just ordered my Sakki-Sakki from tarotgarden a couple of days ago. I like the on-line scans and it is encouraging to hear how well others have responded. I'll check back when it comes.
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