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Would you buy a 'Gay Tarot' book?

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Tarotbear 2  Tarotbear 2 is offline
Join Date: 09 Apr 2002
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Tarotbear 2 
Would you buy a 'Gay Tarot' book?

My future collaborator and I have bantered this around this weekend. It started with an innocent suggestion of his that maybe I need a different focus for my book...need a sexy title...that kind of thing. I asked him if maybe then I should pose nude for the cover and retitle my book ' The Gay Bears ' Guide to Tarot' - especially if 'sex sells'.


We both laughed about this.

He once said that he had considered writing something along the lines of 'Tarot 4 Guys' ( gay or Str8 ) but that most guys would no sooner buy a book on tarot than put their socks in a hamper... however 'Tarot for Gay Guys' could be a possibility since gay men can be more open about these things in general...and may put their socks in the hamper if their partner doesn't stuff them down their throat first.......

Most all tarot books deal with male/female relationships and don't resaerch the possiblities for same sex couples. There are Gay astrology books out there (yes, there really are), so maybe a tarot book slanted towards gay in particular?

Would you buy this book? Do you think it would sell?


(P.S.-- the hets and srt8s out there can answer this question, too!)
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Which deck would you use to help illustrate your book - The Cosmic Tribe? Because... you know... if you need an illustrator to do specific stuff relating to your book I happen to know one...
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Tarotbear 2  Tarotbear 2 is offline
Join Date: 09 Apr 2002
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Tarotbear 2 

Really, Kayne? LOL!!!

There is a 'gay tarot' deck of sorts on Aeclectic; the artist lives in NYC and I've been in contact with him off and on. Not sure if his desgins are exactly what I want to write the book for, although I could write his book. A book and deck set sells better according to Llewellyn and US Games...but I'm not sure the imagery of his deck would appeal to a mainstream publisher.

Major Tom once asked me to write a book for his deck (or use his deck to illustrate my book, one of the two..), so we'll see who gets their personal project completed first.
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Plumb goofy


Is a "gay definition" different than any other definition.

If a gay guy is standing on a chair hammering a nail in the wall to hang a picture, and he drops the hammer on his toe, does it hurt less or more than it would a straight guy?

I think this idea is plumb goofy.

Probably sell like hotcakes at IHOP.

Lot'sa luck, but why slice your potential audience into sexual preference?

Maybe bunches of people are like me. I'd buy it -- just 'cause it's by Tarotbear. Been waitin' a long time for a Tarotbear book.

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hey Bear, it's not the title that makes me buy a book.
it's what's on the pages that does......
so, i don't think, speaking for me here, i would be put of or attracted either way.
dunno about the majority of people though.....

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Re: Plumb goofy

Originally posted by Talisman
I think this idea is plumb goofy.

Probably sell like hotcakes at IHOP.
*cricket nearly falls off her chair laughing*

Agreed... and agreed! I know I'd probably buy a copy, just to have and for the different point of view. Not because of sexual preference or sex (cause, well, I'm het and female) but because it would be different.
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IMHO: I would probably buy it (or at least LOOK at it ) if it had a pretty cover and a sexy title. I've looked at plenty of books I didn't actually buy. While I agree with Kaz that it's "what's inside that counts" (is that a song cue?) attractive packaging is important.

As for the content: I'm not sure if you're talking about just a book or a deck/book set type deal. I think you could do very well calling it "Tarot Sexuality" or "Sex and the Tarot" and talk about Hetero and Gay interpretations. I would buy a book that I thought would give me more insight, and if you can compare and contrast the 2 it could definitely change the way we view some of the cards. I'm excited by this concept!

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Well, I'm still waiting for a Tarot book to come out about a het. sex life! To be completely honest with you, I haven't really thought of the Tarot books I see as being geared towards either hets or gays.... The Tarot for me only contains a couple of cards which could be affected by this really. (The Cosmic Tribe deck dealt with this well!) I'm wondering what you would put in your Tarot Book For Gay People...?

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Well, I would buy it in the first place because it were a book written by a certain Tarotbear who's postings and knwoledge I enjoy very much.

Strange, until now I never made a difference between gay or het. I am wondering if male gay would have a different approach to Tarot than hets.
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Id buy it because it was by Tarotbear too, especially if he was naked on the cover Im not gay, but some of my bestfriends are (they know who theyare ) and if I ever read for others who knows I may read for a gay person, so such a book may be a great help It may even unwittingly have some stuff that would be useful for us heteros too, or even bis! hehe

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