Discovering Runes........

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Discovering Runes........

Before I started tarot I had two other decks - the Froud Faeries and Ralph Blum's Rune Cards. I actually like his cards very much and I remember at the time being impressed by the art on the cards (a type of collage of natural things like wheat, sticks, shells and leaves etc) but, I also had some accurate readings, albeit beginners dabblings. From there I got into tarot and I haven't touched the rune cards for at least a couple of years.

Well, this is where the fun begins. I was going through a creative phase yesterday and decided I would make some runes, but I was in a hurry, well..... why wait for something, when you can have it now eh? (sounds like something from Homer Simpson's own lips) but, once I get a bee in my bonnet I have to go for it so out in the garden I trot and come back with small pepples ..... I didnt realise my garden was so stoney! I deliberately chose small ones due to the weight, I washed them, let them dry in the sun, wrote the runes on them in green ink and then sealed with ........ yup ........Mabelline Ultra Lasting nailvarnish. I did contemplate clear furniture varnish but that takes 6 hours to dry....... so that wasn't going to happen!

I read the rune threads here, found other sites to learn how to cast them and this morning I had a little 'play'.

I can't be intuitive with them yet because I have to look up the meanings and then comes the intuitive bit of choosing what I think is relevent to the question. I realise this needs more practice and learning from me but what an amazing reading I got! I love these little stones! They sound so nice and... chinky in the bag too! I know, I know, that's a real girlie thing to say - but they do! So I thought I would share a picture of my little rune pebbles from my own garden. I hope it gives others some inspiration and encouragement to go out and do the same. I enjoyed doing it and it was instant - thanks to Maybelline
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I done this once and used a marker never thought of Maybelline.

Your Runes look nice Moonbow*
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I love the different shades of the stones and yet similar in size.

They look neat, tidy, and professional. Thanks so much for posting the lovely picture.
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Thumbs up

Those are awesome !!!! I cannot believe you made those. The symbols are so clear (not that I know anything about runes but... you know what I mean ), and your pebbles are very pretty as well.
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Those are beautiful. Sometimes Simple is best...

The only advise.. give them another coat of two of clear nail color..the more they are protected the less likely the ink will get worn off..


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they look lovely moonbow!

thank you for sharing how easy it can be to make a set of runes.
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Thanks guys!

CJ I will do as you say. When I got this idea into my head, it was really just to see what they would come out like, but I am pleased with the outcome so Iwill give them another coat - I may even use something better than nailvarnish!!

Okay - ideally they should be exactly the same shape and size but to start with - they cost nothing.

I had a go today with glass nuggets too. I'll keep you posted on them
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Little Baron 
Thumbs up I see a business starting here ......

Hi Moonbow

They look so good!

I had runes many years ago (horrible plastic ones with gold engraving in ... yuck). They are still hanging around somewhere.

When it was my friends birthday, I did exactly the same as you. I got some pebbles and coated them with some kind of artists varnish, I think. I was living in a rented flat at the time and managed to spill the bottle all over the carpet. The carpet was like concrete but my landlord never noticed when we moved out - put a packing box on it when he came to look around.

My friend was thrilled with the runes, however. Having said that, they didn't look as good as yours. Your markings are much sharper and more delicated looking than mine were.

They look great though. Cheers for shaing.

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Moonbow, we'll all be lining up for readings now....

great stuff. they look fabulous.

How did you do your cast? Did you pull the runes out from a bag. I guess because of the different colouring, this would work better for your set. Otherwise you might cheat and always pick the dark brown one, LOL....btw, is there a dark brown one? I typed this after I had looked at the photo.

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Thank you P_S

Well I tipped them all out, looked away and picked three. But I will try different ways to see which works best for me.

The nice thing about the stones is that they are all different colours, there is a pink one and a blue. As soon as the varnish went on the colours showed up more.

I think this is definately something that anyone could do - it's very quick and cheap.
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