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Mystick Dragon 

I can see the Astral creatures, sometimes. I am working on it. I also feel when a spirit is near, and if they are hostile or friendly. I have some uncontrollable mind reading capabilities. Also, prophetic dreams and flashes. I can also see people's auras. I also have connections to animals, and when something is wrong, I know.

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i love how open everyone is about their gifts

what a joy to read.

i don't believe in limitations. i tell myself that i can do it all and then i do LOL however, i don't turn on lights or make things lift off the ground.....although i would like to snap my fingers and have all the housework done LOL


ps off to pack some more boxes.......moving is SUCH work. (esp. with a 3 yr old helping me!)
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Oh Jade, three year olds are delightful for this kind of work. You pack a box, go off to make a cup of tea, and when you come back it's all emptied again.

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my problem is mama i want to put this in too! (which is something that we need during the time before the move) LOL

she's packing too much!!!

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i know things. that's really the best way to put it. i just have little bits of information floating around in my head that have no real right to be there. it's hard to sort out what i know because i've solid proof, and what i just know.

i've also been increasingly empathetic since the fall. i've found an amazing group of friends, who i think have helped me feel more comfortable and open. two of them are empaths, one of which is a healer by nature, and another friend sees colors... auras, but not only on people.

i really don't know the extent of my abilities, and doubt their existence way too much. i've been told by a few that i'm the best clairvoyant they've ever met, but i really don't know what that means, especially since i don't think i can do anything terribly special.
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bumping this thread.

i too am an empath. which i developed as a child in a very dangerous home.

i have seen spirits very clearly, but only a few times that clear. usually it's a "corner of the eye" experience. i often feel little ghost/spirits of animals jumping on my bed. cute!

as a kid i know i saw a bunch of stuff, but i think i was really freaked out, so i sort of blocked it all out for a long time.

i also have prophetic dreams; i knew that my grandmother was dying, my friend was in a car accident, my mom's friend lost a parent, and that my sister was pregnant with a girl (she didn't find that out until 2 or 3 months later!)

recently i "felt" a few weird things: doing a past life reading for someone, i actually felt my throat being slit, cause tha's how they died.
also, i kept wanting to drive into the siderails on the freeway one day. i knew i didn't really want to, but i was compelled. i found out a few days later that on that same day a celebrety crashed his car during a race, right into the siderail.

i seem to get a lot of psychic stuff in my tarot readings. stuff about people when they were a kid, people in their family, physical ailments they have had.

i'd like to try psychometry, i haven't really attempted that yet.

and i would like to improve my sight with ghosts and such, i'm very interested in that whole aspect.

who else and what else?
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Faerie Lin 

Glad you bumped this thread up Napaea!

I have phophetic dreams also, but they are always about me. Also when I am around someone, out of the blue, I will feel the need to close my eyes. And I can clearly see a "movie" (as I will put it). I have spoken up on it before to people when this happens, I'll describe what I'm seeing, and they have mostly responded that I'm seeing something from their childhood "something totally useless though!!!" There was this time I described a school auditorium where a puppet show was being held. There was a little boy behind the puppet box holding his puppet (which wasn't really a puppet, but a drawing on a paper plate that he was bobbing up and down, lots of pretty scribbly colors lol). I get lots of things like this... that I don't see any reason why I would be picking these type of things up, and I cannot find any use for them.

I also get strong feelings/notices when someone I REALLY don't want to talk to is going to contact me... phone/email ect. Usually a few days to a week, that person will contact me.

The streetlight thing also.... weird.

There are alot of spiders where I live, and when Gavin is having tummy time or sitting up in the living room, sometimes I get quick urges to pick him up (maybe twice to 3 times a month), and when this happens, there will be a spider really close by to him. These spiders aren't poisonous, but I hate them, so I think I have aquired a spider radar lol.

I have only had a few ghost or spirit experiences, the more stronger (or irritating) ones when I was pregnant. Where we use to live, a ghost or spirit turned on the kitchen faucet full blast, I blurted out some obscenities and it turned off. One day when I was sleeping in bed, I woke up to footsteps running back and forth from my bedroom down the hallway, my bedroom door was open and I was the only one home. It stopped when I yelled out "stop it!" I see things and movement in the corner of my eye, but thats it really.

I can also hear my dead dog Sidney occasionally and jingly sounds, like someone moving coins around in the house.

I am trying to work on actually SEEING things better.

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I am so completely happy to finally see others that experience the 'street light thing'. I've been doing this for years and also have been known to turn out a television or two. I keep thinking that it is just coincidence that the light goes out/comes on when I pass under it, but my husband says he's never seen it happen to anyone else so very frequently. I'm *still* not totally convinced that it is something that I am doing; surely sometimes lights just flick on/off or go out. Anyway, if it is something out of the ordinary, then apparently it is one of my 'gifts' though what it actually indicates, I don't know.

I also have seen ghosts and have sensed them, too. When I was younger, I knew things before they happened but that has become more subtle as I've grown older, though it still happens. For the first time, I saw my own aura the other day and I've seen the aura around other objects/people, too though to be frank, I've never really tried to develop this ability.
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Originally posted by napaea

i have seen spirits very clearly, but only a few times that clear. usually it's a "corner of the eye" experience. i often feel little ghost/spirits of animals jumping on my bed. cute!

and i would like to improve my sight with ghosts and such, i'm very interested in that whole aspect.

I have the same experience with this and i too would like to improve it. I am always seeing these things and i think at the moment that it is children as they are very small and it seems to be only in my house, but I can't seem to go any further with this. I hope someone has some ideas on seeing these clearer.

I have always had ESP, especially with people I am close to.
I had an ex boyfriend who use to cheat on me alot, and every time he did this i knew it and I just straight out tell him and he used to be blown away by the fact that I knew all about it. I just get an overwhelming sick in the gut feeling of worry and 9 times out of 10 it pertains to someone in trouble or someone do the wrong thing by me (as that turned out) I haven't had it quite as intense for a long time but every now I do get these feelings and it always is from someone close to me.


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I feel I am intuitive. But it's very unpredictable. When I was five, I knew my brother was coming home on leave from the Marines, and even told my mom he was on the plane flying overhead. He wasn't due home for six weeks - imagine her surprise when we got home a few hours later, and he was there. And my family felt that if that wasn't his plane landing when we drove by the airport, it was getting ready to land - although to be honest, it kind of creeped everyone out.

Also the day I kept telling my husband we should go see his grandfather - six or seven times - until he got rather irritated with me, and I gave up. His grandfather was not very nice to him, and visiting him was at the bottom of our "fun things to do" list. It really freaked my husband out when we found out later that night that his grandfather had had a stroke that morning, and had been laying on the floor all day.

There have been many other things, times I just *know* something is going to happen, and it does. Not usually anything big, but small stuff, like winning a raffle prize, or that the guy that just walked by my desk is going to try to sneak into the back rooms.
I also sometimes get a deja vu kind of feeling, as though I once dreamed certain events happening right at that moment. It's hard to explain, but sometimes I will think, "I did this in my dream, and the result was bad, so now I will do this instead."
When I get one of my moments, there is no question in my mind about it, either. It's not like a daydream, or anything else I can really explain.
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