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Hi all....
Well, let's see....I'm able to access the Akashic Records that's helpful with past life issues, as well as future type things...

I'm in the "empath club" have to be careful to clear certain items before I touch them for physical and emotional pain...was in a dentist office recently and didn't clear the chair before I touched it...thougt I'd be sick :-(

I've seen spirits off and on since I was a little girl, and have been pretty successful with channeling so far. --I usually hear them, or they show me a picture. This happens a lot in Reiki session work, but very often in meditation too....

Yeah, the empath part is probably my strong point. I can easily connect to people even at a very far distance, and when I send energy or an attunement I can feel what is happening in their body or where the energy is going to in their body. ---Really great for finding blocked chakras...

I got away from tarot for awhile while I concentrated on other energy work, but sometimes my guides communicate with me by showing me a tarot card, so I knew it was time to get back!

Love and Light,
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Mind power

If I want something badly enough and am able to concentrate it usually happens (stopping the rain)

The weirdest thing was when I was sitting near to a coke machine ah the cafeteria (no one else was in the room) and wanted one very very badly but had left my wallet at my desk and didnt feel like going back...When I heard a sound coming from it, I approach it and realized a coke had fallen...

Very weird
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Originally posted by zorya
this is a link to the other 'street lamp' thread.

Thanks for posting this; I lost track of this thread & didn't see it till now. Unfortunately, I was told I couldn't access the area.
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Well, this is pretty weird, but here's how I tuned in to my psychic abilities for the first time.

It was 1969 (I'm pretty sure) and I was hearing Beatles tunes featuring Paul McCartney every waking minute. Not just the radio's hits either, but all kinds of Beatles tunes, but only the ones P.M. wrote or sang. It was getting nigh unbearable at one point and right about then, he released Ram.

Yes, friends, I could predict album releases! It happened for a long, long time and was for a while the best pick-up mechanism at bars and clubs I ever had. Still happens now and then, but I guess I'm just not tuned to the music scene the way I used to be.

Still psychic, though.

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street lamp thread

this must have been in chat, before it was eliminated oct.1. the chat archives are now available to subscribers only. a lot of people had responded to this thread. it seems a great many of us have the same effect on street lamps, myself included.
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Red Emma 
Psychic abilities

hMy psychic events come and go, and aren't very dramatic except for one time when I was still working at public relations.

I had put together a press conference for the Japanese Ambassador who was visitng our city as the guest of an organization which was a client of mine.

Having such an international figure here was a major deal in this small West Coast town. There had been a couple of days of meetings, with the governor, mayor, other political luminaries in attendance. (Any one of whom could have destroyed my professional reputation -- and my ability to stay employed -- if they were displeased with my handling of the event.)

There was a festive luncheon at the local Hilton. My press conference was to take place in a big, second floor meeting room right after lunch. I had been in the room, working with a bell boy who helped me get the chairs, tables, speaker's podium set up just the way I wanted them.

I went down to have some of the festive lunch, and enjoyed the ceremonies. Suddenly I felt really anxious, antsy, stressed. Something was telling me to go back up to the press conference room. I pooh-poohed my instincts for a few minutes, but the feelings intensified.

Finally I gave in, and arrived on the second floor just in time to see another bell boy going down the hall pushing a hand truck full of folding chairs, tables, a speaker's podium. I yelled at him, and got him to bring the stuff back. He called a couple of helpers, and we got the room put back together just as the elevator doors opened. The governor, the mayor and the ambassador stepped into the hall. A second elevator disgorged most of the local press corps. I greeted them graciously, and escorted the dignitaries to their places, then got the reporters all fixed up.

After it was over I made my way into the hotel's darkest bar and ordered a good, stiff martini. Stirred, not shaken.
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some strange happens to me (no, not the street lights, though I can sense people, like once there was a friend of my parents that I just couldn't stand, I just felt unconfortable around him (and he was a very funny guy, always laughing)... it turned out he wasn't that much of a friend.
And another thing i got is dreams; once I dreamt with a man standing right next to my be, all dressed with a suit. It was just 2 or 3 seconds but it was really creepy.... i slept with my back against the wall fir the next days
I would like to have my "psychic habilities" improved, but i don't know how...
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I don't usually share this so this is a first for me being so open to so many people.....

If I hold a person's hand or item of personal value I can read a lot about that person and the people close to them. The cards sometimes help me to hone in on this, sometimes not.

I receive very clear a short still from a movie..or sometimes a word...

It makes me uncomfortable...I usually just rattle off whatever comes to mind without thought of consequence.

When I first noticed I could do this I did it regularly, now that I have "matured" I don't talk about it much to anyone. However if I see a person in trouble or in need of guidance I like to take their hand....sometimes I am even compelled to do this when I see a homeless person on the street who may be crying or look be honest....well it makes me feel quite out of place and desperately lonely sometimes....
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do you what happend with me today? i have a friend whose mother has cancer and is very ill. today i woke up and got dressed, and dressed all in black... 3 hours later i receive a phone call saying my friend's mother has died. i didn't even noticed my clothes, until my sister asked me: "you already knew that, didn't you?" and i said "no, why?" "because you are wearing black today..." it was really creepy.
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my husband and i sometimes have moments we seem to read each other's mind. recently, we had a pretty odd experience. i was waiting for him to get home from work one night. i got a hankering for some microwave popcorn so i put a bag in the microwave to pop. i came back into the living room and my husband came in the door. i asked if he wanted anything to eat or drink. he said,"yeah, i'd like some popcorn." i was stunned at second and then said,"i just put some in the microwave." he didn't believe me at first but the popping corn was solid evidence!
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