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Gay Tarot Study Group?

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Wink Someone asked for a Lady?

Hi boys

I've been around gay people for around 21 years, so yes I'm a fag hag and I just LOVE IT. I enjoy going out to gay nightclubs over straight ones.....reason being I can drink and dance the night away without having to worry about those drunk men trying to pick me up and all those tarty girls....oh I can go on for ever. When I'm around gay people I'm myself and I have a good time. I have some magnetic attraction with the boys, they just love me, they say I radiate this positive and vibrant energy. Every time I'm out I attract non-hetro men - it's FABULOUS! I love the fact that my house mate is gay and my best mate is gay, I wouldn't have it any other way. I must have been a gay man in my previous life

Back to the thread (sorry), my housemate has the gay tarot & I'll contribute to this study group if he allows me to use his cards I told him to get the cards even though he doesn't read.

By the way I don't think I'm a lady, yes I am girl, but a lady? lol Nah I'd rather just be "me". Me who's on a sugar high at the moment, too much chocolate. Weeeeeeeeee
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Smile Gay Tarot study group

I think it's a brillianyt idea - but most of the posts are pre-2005 - any chance of reviving the issue? Aquarius
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Hi Aquarius,

This study group still gets posted to occasionally.
If you'd like to revive it just start posting .

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator
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This is one of my favourite decks. Partly because of the way it handles homosexuality (male primary) and secondly for how it is so well received by some of my lgbt clients. As of next week I will be finished my year review of tea leaf reading so will be moving on to exploring this deck in a more intensive way. The resources found here are wonderful I look forward to partaking in it all
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I've just gotten back into Tarot and wonder if anyone would like to rev this group back up again?
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Lee (the deck creator) still pops into AT every now and again; my deck copy is deep in storage at the present time.
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