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Gay Tarot - 2 of Cups

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Hi Shade, if I understand your question, no, there's no chronological pattern. Although, again, if you can find one, I'd be happy to hear about it!

I think there's a limit to how many patterns one can build into the cards without entirely separating them from the RWS standard, or at least someone would have to be a whole lot cleverer than me to do it.

-- Lee
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I *think*, Shade, perhaps you've misunderstood the pattern of the minors in this deck (you haven't yet received your copy, correct?). The pattern goes across suits, not from ace to ten within the suits; thus, the four 2s all depict a single character, and all the 3s, and all the 7s, etc., but there is no narrative implied from ace to ten (as there is in, say, the Mythic Tarot or the Renaissance Tarot). Not all the suit ranks follow this pattern, I think, but many do. And no, there is no chronology implied, just different views of a similar character. Does that answer your question? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, as usual I do not have the deck in front of me and my memory isn't the greatest.
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No I understood about theace through 10 i just wondered if there was a swords, wands, etc. order. Wheels within wheels and all of that.
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There doesn't appear to be a correlation between the suits themselves. But I like to imagine that the four separate lives we see depicted mundanely in the minors are brought together through the deeper, spiritual aspects of the Majors. The characters themselves don't interact with each other but they share and manifest qualities necessary to all four.
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