Sakki-Sakki anyone?

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Sakki-Sakki anyone?

Many of us already own this little wonder from Israel. The idea of creating a study group emerged simultaneously in our heads (we are lucky enough to have heads...).

Any taker?

I shall e-mail M-Press and ask her if she thinks she could drop some lines here sometimes. I now she is very busy and writing the companion book so maybe she wants to save her analysis for the book...?

Let's see...

Warm blessings,

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Hi Kissa,

I do have this deck and find it quite fun. I have only used it the once when I did a reading about finding my sunglasses and pulled the Star. I did find them - eventually!

I am not all that keen on straight forward RWS decks so was pleased to see that this deck has a different angle. I love the headless people and the shoes!

The artwork is so different that I think a study would be good. I am happy to stick my head in when I can.

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Thumbs up Sakki-Sakki Study Group

Count me in for the study group...This will be my first one and
I am excited.
Warm Blessings to all...
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I will be away this weekend. I am going to a wedding in
Upstate N.Y. I still want to be in the study group.
Warm Blessings
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I'd like to participate when I can (kids, job, studies, etc..argghh!) Please count me in.

I'll wear my best shoes, too. I know just the pair

HaHa! Don't you just love the shoes at the top of the the Devil card? Does this signify the times when you cave in at the shoe store and buy that cute little pair of sandals - even when you *really* don't need another pair at all - but the shells, or beads, or the whatever decoration they have on them makes it soooo hard to pass them by... Yep, you giggle to yourself quietly and swear that the devil makes you do it... But then, it 's never so funny when the credit card statement comes in later on that month.

Sigh... Yeah, I've met that dancing devil a time or two...

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Re: Sakki-Sakki anyone?

Originally posted by Kissa
The idea of creating a study group emerged simultaneously in our heads (we are lucky enough to have heads...).
oh Kissa!, that made me laugh so much!!!
I'm happy I bumped in here, because usually I never come in these areas.... I just came to see what exactly is a study group...!(I guess someone picks a card, makes a new thread and comments on it? and others comment then too?)

From what I can see already, I think that your comments are going to be great additions to the meanings... (maybe you'll give me some ideas about the book, hmmm?)
(btw-Thanks to Ophelea regarding the Devil! Oh, that Devil!)

anyway, i'm really flattered that you want to do this. To me it will be the most interesting thing. I promise to cooperate, but I'll have to make sure not to "kill" the topic by saying what i had in mind. One of the things in this, is what EVERYBODY else does with it, so... ALL meanings and observations make it what it is...even more than what the creator intended...

The whole thing...Quite surreal...
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Has this started & I've missed it? The initial post was a while ago, Kissa. Are we still doing it? If you've not got the time anymore then I'm willing to help out or get the ball rolling if you like .. whatever, just let me know.

I'm keen as to get it going.
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Count me in also. I look forward to working with all of you and with my new Sakki-Sakki Tarot. Peace and blessings! Michael
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I would love to follow this study group!! This is my new favorite deck this year, by far! Thanks so much for starting this thread, Kissa.

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Since it seems as though you're about to start I've added your group to the Study Group index.

Once you're up and running it would be marvelous if someone could make an index of threads in the group - I can then link straight to your group in the main index


Sulis xx
moderator- General Study Groups
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