Med. on the Tarot - Letter 3

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Med. on the Tarot - Letter 3

Following on from discussing in parts the first two letters (chapters) of this most wonderful book, I begin here with some reflections on the Unknown Author's [UA] quiet presentations on card III - L'IMPERATRICE

Within the pages of this letter, our UA states (p91 of the Aubier Nouvelle édition), that
Le mystère est protégé d'une autre manière que le secret. Sa protection, c'est la lumière, tandis que la protection du secret est l'obscurité. Quand à l'arcane, qui est le degré moyen entre le mystère et le secret, c'est le demi-jour qui le protège. Car il se révèle et se cache à la fois par le moyen du symbolisme. Le symbolisme est le demi-jour des arcanes. Ainsi les Arcanes du Tarot sont des formules rendues visibles et accessibles à tout le monde.
Let me provide Powell's translation first, than an alternative (my own) - simply for the sake of accentuating varying connotation. Powell's translation comes from p 65 of my Element Classic edition, 1993:
The mystery is protected in another way than the secret. Its protection is its light, whilst the protection of a secret is its obscurity. As for an arcanum, which is a middle degree between the mystery and the secret, it is the twilight which protects it. For it reveals and hides itself at the same time by means of symbolism. Symbolism is a twilight for arcana. Thus the Arcana of the Tarot are formulae rendered visible and accessible to everyone.
Mystery is protected in a differing manner to secret. Its protection is light, whereas protection of secret is obscurity [darkness]. As to the arcanum, which is the half-way angle between mystery and secret, it is the half-day that protects it. Because it both reveals and hides itself by means of symbolism. Symbolism is the demi-day of arcana. Hence Tarot's Arcana are formulae made visible and accessible by all the world.
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some thoughts on the emperess

"the subtle rules the dense"
she is sacred magic and a instrument of divine power, which we know is part of the trinity of power, wisdom, and love. the divine power which rules the emperess has to be love. although i am sure some would argue that nature is pure wisdom, or pure power. yet love rules power and wisdom so that is what rules the emperess ultimately.
the crown on her head is the "divine authorization " of magic which that makes it sacred. the legimate nature of the emperess then comes from above, yet her job isn't to reflect as the high priestress is.
rather her job is to create the reflection upon earth according to divine authority.

her left arm and its sceptre represents power of consciouness after force and is the magical power that divine authority has given her.
the right arm holds the sheild which shows "power of energy over matter" and also shows where she will aim her magical power as her objective. where she shall focus her "liberation"in order to ascend. more on this later.
"the science of love"is the message behind the eagle on the shield which the author says is because"accelerated evolution of the living force of nature"
that quote has to do with the liberation.
the shield is the direction, the sceptre is the power behind the direction, and the crown shows from who and by "what right".

what is magic?
what should be sought is the legimate magic froma moral, religous, and medical point of view. this means an loving aim or intention by objective back by the means of the source. it is the joining of the "two united wills" that allows this to happen. the individual and the higher will would be the united wills. this miracle of sacred magic occurs wherever there is an unity of the two will.s the phrase whereever two gather in my names come to mind. ti is done in the service of the unity of the above and below.
this magic isn't related strictly to the holy and ordianed men but to all people. the emperess is seen as nature after all and so the divine is possible for all once the unity of wills is achieved through divine love.

the sceptre
the staff is said to be a joining of two cups which means two emotions, and so the actual joining of two wills. and these actual joining of two wills becomes the joining of two emotions which would be love. can it be said without emotions there is no power for the direction or from the divine authority?

all acts of divine magic is to have an act of freedom in it or as we said "liberation". so all divine magic have the three componets(authority, means and aim) and the joining of two emotions of will. these should free the blind man from his darkness, the lame man from his limitations of body, and the poor from the limits of society. this above all comes from the free choice of the freer and the freed.

nature is the domain ruled by divine magic.
our natural wings are frozen and sacred magic serves to unfreeze them and free them from their prisons of stone. in other words to free true nature from our defination of it. the pratice of divine magic seeks to take what is "unhealthy" or unnatural from their brother. a thought came to me that this emperess is gia, and angel who took on the guardianship of earth when it was created. when earth is destroyed eventually as her purpose is done, the gia wings shall be freed from stone and she moves on to her next evolutionary phrase.

all things like hypnosis, cermonial magic, evocation can aslo serve the good. the sacred magic only serve the good by its' sacred nature

the author suggest that the work replaced the magician, suffering the high priestress, and death the emperess. if you add ten to the magician, high priestress and the emperess you will see that you end up at strenght, the hanged one, and death itself. could it be that the wheel of fortune is the movement that caused the fall? i guess we will get better insight into that in its letter.

"i am the way, truth and the life"
the way replaces the work , the truth replaces the suffering, and life replaces death . i am is god and you are as well. so the magician becomes the way, the high priestress becomes the truth and the emperess becomes the life.

science opering the former instead of the return to the divine, according to the beliefs of work, suffering, and death seek to "calculate the world" instead of understanding it so instead of science of love of nature, you get the love of science at the expense of nature. science is based on the destruction of matter" it coms down to the destruction of nature .
to consider creating in life instead of using death to fuel the world is the lesson behind nature. we need to work with nature isntead off forcing nature to our will, but become one with nature and work in harmoney.

the tree of life.
by becoming one with nature we become with the tree of life.
"the flaming sword is a weapon of divine magic" it is the fire of the magician and creation of the sword of truth (truth being high priestress) which becomes of instruement of sacred magic by the criteria we have set up already.
the tree of life is magician, high priestress and the emperess. or mysticism, revelation instead of gnosis for me, and magic of nature. or rather god, holy spirit and earth ?

if magic no longer serves the source but man and the ego, it becomes human magic defined by the limitations of the rules set forth by man.
the magican ends up working by himself, the high priestress reflect her own nature, and the nature tamed and contained by the ego.

the sacred art is relating art to the divine magic. not for the glory of the authority but the love of the creator reflected in nature. the magican at one with the universe and the earth.
without this concept the art has lost its magic, with examples of art without passion, verse where powerful mantras were and paintings without harmony of colour.
art should have faith, hope and love which shows the source of magic power in the world . the reflection should increase hope, the power of the magicna should show what we can do and love should reflect a divine union
for love is the source of all life.
the emperess is not about regressing but renewing for that is true life.
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