WITCHES TAROT - 8 Pentacles

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WITCHES TAROT - 8 Pentacles

I've decided to start with this one as it is one of the cards I don't like.
A bodybuilder in front of a book shelf, lifting two books.

The, LWB states that this shows how the mind has a positive effect on the body, a sensible health programmeWealth can be obtained by logic.

There is a recurring theme of green in this card, the pentacles, the briefs, the hair has a tinge of green black. A lot of the pentacle cards have a green feel to them (as the other suits have relevant colours as well), I wonder if this has any connection to the pentacles having a connection with material and monetary associations.

There is no denying the extremely good body of the figure, very muscled, very toned. A slighlty older man, perhaps early 40's.
While not warming to this card it is a very easy one to read, the books behind showing how exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body.
This card mirrors the 2 of pentacles which will be the next card I look at as I see them as very similiar.
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I see this card being about the mind/body connection.
"Mind has a positive effect on body" - LWB
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Love the body but he looks kinda Gay! It shows me that you have the knowledge, strength within to get what you desire it's at your fingertips if you just look. I still see it as a learning card too.
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