WITCHES TAROT - 5 pentacles

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WITCHES TAROT - 5 pentacles

A very steep valley with boulders in the middle which are stopping the man from being able to pass through easily. The pentacles are etched onto the 5 of the bigger boulders and the man is moving the top one.

The LWB goes into more detail for this one. It says that it can mean losing weight or losing money but it will be de to karmic reasons, so there are lessons to be learnt.

Whenever I see this card, I am never entirely sure whether the man is stacking up the boulders of moving them away. The first time I saw this card I was convinced it meant working to overcoming barriers, I.e. the man is doing all he can to ease his journey. But the LWB does seem to imply that it means a feeling of loss and challenge.
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I always see the 5 Pentacles as problems to overcome, I find it a deeply spiritual card that some times you have to lose all faith to find faith, to me he looks like he is trying to battle his way through these boulders, however, they are of his own doing, if he looks behind him he will see that that way is lighter the blue skys turn white as he is illuminated with wisdom, he must learn from his mistakes before he can move on or he will always be stuck at these boulders. Some times you have to step back before you can move forward.
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