Seasons of the Witch Weekly Planner 2005

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Seasons of the Witch Weekly Planner 2005

A recently acquired item, I am very pleased with this Tarot Edition by Victoria David Danaan. It is a pleasure to the eye & using it to record the daily cards & thoughts.

Spiral-bound with sturdy covers & printed on quality paper, it measures 5 3/4 inches by 8 1/2 inches.

Features card selections from various decks including selections from a few unpublished decks & other images to illustrate:

Tarot of Prague
Mary-El Tarot
Universal Waite Tarot
Templar Tarot
Ancient Minchate Etruria
Golden Tarot
New Century Tarot
Tarot Nova

Geared for the Pagan & particularly the Wiccan path, it contains information on the Wheel of the Year, moon phases, lunar astrology, holidays, a Tarot reading list & more! Suggestions culled from "witches' wisdom" includes spell-casting days; colour correspondences for spellwork.

A limited number of copies available from Tarot Garden.
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I have the 2005 edition and can't recommend it highly enough. Wonderful! And far better than the Llewellyn Witches Datebook, which I used to buy every year. The fact that it's a Tarot edition is just a big bonus! Woohoo!
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I also have this planner. I use it and I love it. I agree that it is definitely geared toward the pagan path. It's got lots of great ideas for integrating tarot into spells, and of course, it's got images from lovely decks.

Another feature that I love about this planner (that the Llewellyn Datebook lacks) is that there is a 2 page full month display at the beginning of each month. Then the weekly/daily (depends on what edition you get) pages follow. That way, you have the month at a glance and can put more detail in the weekly pages. I'm picky about my planners. Can you tell?

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I have the daily version..... LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I just fell for it hard. It was much bigger than expected.
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