The Witches Tarot- 7 Swords

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The Witches Tarot- 7 Swords

The thing that strikes me about this card is that it does not show the usual man sneaking away with the 7 swords. It shows a trio of musicians playing in harmony together, all dressed in green, sitting against a stone wall which looks purple so it could be they are playing at night time. The 7 swords are stacked neatly on top of each other infront of them. The 2 men are looking at each other as they play, the women in the middle has her eyes closed. So what does this card mean, as it clearly does not mean some one being sneaky! I think as the 7 swords are neatly stacked, that there are several ideas floating around, prehaps they are rehearsing for a concert in secret hence the playing at night time. The two men know what they want to play the women with her eyes closed is still thinking. As all sevens in the Tarot mean don't give up, the way will become clear after more thought. So once more your life will be in harmony with the rest of the world.
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7 Swords

LWB = Creative (especially artistic) action.

This "meaning" really does come across in the card. The 3 musicians, all clothed in green, almost blending into the bacground next to the green shrubs and the green trees in the background. When I see the woman with her eyes closed I don't see her as making a desicion personally, I see her as totally at one with the music. She knows it so well and is at ease that she can do it with her eyes closed.
I also get a sense of working together and harmony with this card, it says to me that sometimes individuals can work (and sound) better when with others.
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