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Crow's magick - I the magician

On this card, there is a hawk flying in the night sky. There is some slashes around him that seems to be thunderbolts. In the book, it is concentrated on the hawk and how agile, fast and in control he is.

In my notes, I wrote that this hawk seems ready to catch his prey. He is active and ready to adapt to any situation.
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When i look at this card i see a grat hawk in the night sky, like you said, ready to catch his prey. I see either lightining in the sky or some kind of lighting affect???? Als o i have noticed that at the top of the card is a little character which the fool does not have, i do not know what this character means but i am researching it now.

The card is the first one so if anyone knows what this symbol is please dont be afraid to join in.

Also as in the fool to the left of the words there is another symbol, i am not sure if you can make it out but if you know that also please inform us?!?!
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Rhiannon SW 

I believe the character located in upper left corner is almost like the indian thunderbird drawings or the drawings they have found in parts of the world from the air. There is a lot of different signs that was discovered that is readily noticeable from the air.
Just a idea about the symbol Londa used
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Originally Posted by Josh
Also as in the fool to the left of the words there is another symbol, i am not sure if you can make it out but if you know that also please inform us?!?!
The symbols on the lower left-hand of the cards are astrological symbols, or signs of the Zodiac. On The Magician card, the symbol is that of Aquarius.

A good reference for the astrological symbols can be found at:

Some of qualities associated with Aquarius are: visionary, eccentric, rebelliousness, intelligent, independence. All of these seem very relevant to the Magician!
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That symbol does resemble a thunderbird. Excellent observation, maybe the one on the High Priestess could be a dreamcatcher? Anyway, Saturday I saw a hawk, what a magnificent, beautiful bird, so majestic. We're glad you found us too.
From the book by Londa Marks:
"The magician appears as a golden hawk executing beguiling tricks. With a flick of his claw tips, the illusionist turns lightning bolts into jagged-edged slashes. Is the only difference between the bolts and the slashes in appearance? Yes, and to each who view them, that may be enough of a difference to mold a life in a completely different way.
No sooner has the hawk made a presence, has he vanished again. Then, from a gust of wind, the golden hawk returns with a raging scream. Fierce claws and a sharp beak may impress you, but are mere tools to the hawk. Feathers are but a cloak hiding the hawk's sculptured muscles, which are strong enough to shred a horse (and you wonder if he is planning to do just that ).
Sparks flash from the friction of the hawk's wings, and shadows a cloud. The air becomes mysteriously cooler and light turns to dark, then light again. The hawk's performance is, as always, staggering!

DIVINATION: Magical, creative abilities that can cause some people to feel numb with delight when they receive attention from this person. He or she may be someone with uncommon, intense abilities that can move spectators. Individualistic and driven to exhibition; prolific and awe-inspiring.

REVERSE: Eccentric. Zombie-like disposition. If talents are not used, this person could become confused aboutlife in general, and will feel purposeless."

I really like the part of this where she says to each who view them they may be molded in a completely different way, what a different take on this card.
His claws and his beak are his tools. I guess everyone has their own special tools.
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