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World Spirit Study Group - Moon (18)

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Seed Crystal 
World Spirit Study Group - Moon (18)

A river flows from foreground to the horizon beyond and between two jagged desert pillars. On the right side a cyote or wolf and on the left a dog drink from its waters. A lobster rises from the watery depths. Above is the moon in its last quarter. Dew drops from the heavens.
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I love the use of colour in this card.
The way she has used the blue and the pink gives a psychedelic weirdness to the card; it makes me think of a sort of drug induced vision.
This card almost looks like a negative image, a bit like film before it's developed- very appropriate for the strangeness signified by The Moon card where things just look eerie and not quite right..

The dog and the wolf almost look as if they are drinking or about to drink from the stream which represents the unconscious.
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The Moon

I like the traditional rendering of this card. I also like what the author refers to as "night vision". This can literally be vision in the night (which is very different from vision in the light of the day). I love walking at night - it has a whole different feel to it, even if you are walking in the same places that you usually walk during the day.

"Night vision" as a look into the unconscious is another thought here. Night is a good time for accessing our unconscious/subconscious self, adn the mind-chatter from the waking hours is effectively "shut off".

It is interesting how sometimes in a reading the Moon represents the Grandmother archetype, grounded and centeredness, sometimes it represents our shadow side, and sometimes it represents our wild side!

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