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Aeclectic Tarot & Bandwidth

It takes bandwidth & funds to maintain a board the size of Aeclectic Tarot & also address the demands. As experienced just days ago, the demands caused Aeclectic Tarot to exceed its bandwidth. To accomodate this Solandia upgraded the bandwidth.

Solandia has been underwriting Aeclectic Tarot largely on the personal means. Prefers to avoid the intrusive advertisements as a source of revenue. Iin recent years implemented revenue from donations, subscriptions & member purchases with cooperating merchants which include Tarot Garden & The latter can be achieved by linking to the cooperating sites directly from Forum links such those indicated in the Tarot Decks listing via individual published decks.

The resources available here priceless.

Thus, the real & tangible member support of Aeclectic Tarot very important & welcomed towards its continued existance. Please keep in mind that every little bit counts & to consider putting the $ where the mouth is to support this unique community.

Consider upgrading membership to Subscriber &/or making a donation:
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