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Hi Chronata,
Can you tell me how you would use these in readings? Theysound really interesting?
Originally Posted by Chronata
EWO...How cool to find a cross stone! I have a Boji that has a natural cross in it, and a ruby with a cross(like a star sapphire, but with only two planes)

I have seen andalucites too..very pretty! tarot meanings make a lot of sense! What a great idea!

I have two different planetary sets, but the one I use the most has the following...

Mercury...Banded Agate

The only one I am not sure of is the Uranus stone...which I have guessed at.
The rest were chosen by traditional planetary associations.
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Originally Posted by Chronata
I have been doing Lithomancy, and other drop stone divining methods for many years now.
And I think it's about time I spilled.

Ya see....for a long time, I didn't really share the details of this, because it was one of those cool rare skills, that I felt would set me apart from other readers at psychic fairs and such.

But because it is a realitively rare method...I have few people to throw ideas off of, or to spark any sort of innovation...or to grow.

And a stagnant method isn't really good at all!

So..I will begin here with one of the basic lithomancy patterns, and sets that I use. well, it's the main one actually.

And if anyone else has a method or questions, or other ideas to share...please do!

The woman who taught me had an unusual method of teaching. She would gather all the stones, drop them onto a piece of fur and then say..."well, what do you see?"
She did not use crystals, per say...but rather a collection of stones, some river rocks, some bones.

I started with her basic correspondances, added a pattern and a few other stones to make things easier for myself, and did a lot of it just by intuition.

Here are the stones I use:

The first sets represent duality and opposites.

MALE...a large phallic piece of what was probably a spoon handle, made from Mother of Pearl. The Male stone represents all the things that traditionally are male characteristics. Drive, determination, agression, risk taking, competitiveness, action, enthusiasm, dominance.

FEMALE...was found in the same button jar as the male...probably a spoon bowl, also from Mother of Pearl. It is round and tapered at one end. It represents those traits traditionally considered to be feminine....Nurturing, patience, reactive, passiveness, balance and feelings.

SUN...a sparkling cut lead crystal, the kind that you hang in a window to make rainbows. It is round, but with a cut edge, make it sort of sun shaped. The Sun represents leaders, and those outgoing, self confident traits.
It represents fame, and speaking, acting, inspiration, loyalty, willpower, strength.

MOON...I had phenominal luck to find a kind of shell called a cat's eye. It is round, has a subtle coloration, and a spiral on the back.It is so very moonlike. It represents annonymity, intuition, spirituality,emotion, rhythems, cycles, movements and changes. a wedge of dark purple amethyst, that has been tumbled. Joy is of! happiness, hope, laughter, mirth, luck and optimism a smokey quartz crystal point, that is shaped a lot like the amethyst above. It represents pessimism, loss, misfortune and sadness.

I will have to continue this post tomorrow when I have more time to write it all out.... but right now, I need sleep.

I may even be able to post a photo of my stones.

....Next come the Sets....

your method is not so unusual my dear i do it all the time randomly even with other thing peices of wood spoons whatever i was thinking of making a board were you sort of throw stones like that on it in thye same general fashion (except obviously with the board it would be specific to certain parts of yopu life) keep it up and explore other types of divination. if you are gifted in tis type somthing that would be good for you is witan wands which are basically 12 or so wood wand nicley decorated and you drop them around the witan wand and interpet by the way the land. that is actually a druidic technique if youd like to know more pm me and ill post on how to make them
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by the way thankyou. the houses inspired me for my board :p
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Smile New Set

i have made an animal lithomancy set, i used crystals but you could adapt it to sortiledge too...


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animal lithomancy set-cont.

Chameleon-a change to come/crossroads

I hope this is useful- i made a lovely set from buttons but it got lost...
if you have any suggestions for other animals or anything just post and i'll reply as soon as possible.
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Here is another system from a defunct site but available via the wayback machine:

Divination is the correct term for reading the past, present and future. There are so many forms of it, i cant list them all. From the course thus far, you have learned tow divinations: Wax and Water, and Mirror Divination. The next step is to design your own set of reading stones.

Reading Stones
Reading Stones have been used by practitioners of the craft for many centuries. Little is taught about them these days, even though they work better than tarot cards. Some call these stones "Runes". In a related way they are. You can use the stones to ask questions, read the past, present or future.

Draw a small symbol that you will recognize for every word that follows:
You will need to find or buy 30 flat stones, along with 26 flat stones for the letters of the alphabet. (total=56) Paint all of your symbols and the alphabet letters on the stones. Keep your stones in some kind of basket, but be sure to keep the symbols separated from the alphabet.

Consecrate your stones by following the steps: STEP ONE, STEP TWO, STEP FOUR, & STEP THREE.

Perform STEP ONE & STEP TWO. Light some Divination incense. Hold your palms up over the basket and visualize glowing white. Chant for 5 minutes, " Astral ones hear me, bring your sight to me." Ask your question. Take the basket and shake it. Let the stones fall to the ground. Red only the stones that fall face up and only those that touch each other. (Example: Female touching peace and home might mean a female has made the home peaceful. Trouble touching work and money might mean poverty or someone is getting fired soon. Female touching power and intuition might mean she is a Witch., etc.) If you need more information: Place your hands over the alphabet basket and visualize the basket glowing white. Chant the same chant and shake the basket. Let the stones fall to the ground. Read only the stones that fall face up. ( you many need to interpret them. Examples: aerfclu= careful, pelh= help, bok= book, etc.) Perform STEP THREE.

Check it out for meaning of the steps(one,two,three) e.g. circle casting etc. if you are interested.
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Thumbs up I was playing with a new layout and came up with...


First you have your basic pentagram shape, either drawn or using rope or twine... whatever you're most comfy with, and you have your stones chosen. This will work well with both personality pull stones AND Chakra related stones. For the personality pull stones I would have the person choose 8 or 9 stones for their reading.

The circle is divided into 3 sections:
1. Past = small inner circle, something that you have recently experienced and is something learned and integrated into the self.
2. Present = larger area of the big circle, currently experiencing the events. The closer the stones are to the outer edge suggests more left to do in the present.
3. Future = outside the circle, (tips of the pentagram) future experiences and influences

Then the circle is divided into sections:
1. Akasha, Spirit, also related to the unknown forces present in one’s lifetime. Intangible.
2. Water, relates to Emotion and Intuition, and all that these govern. Symbolic of women, as in women’s intuition, and actual physical women in one’s life. Sensuality.
3. Fire, relates to Will and Vitality, and all that these words govern. Symbolic of men, masculinity and sexuality.
4. Earth, relates to the Body and Foundations, Foundations not only covers home-life but everything that a foundation can hold… meaning spirituality, financial burdens, ect… Earth-bound is the best possible descriptor for this category.
5. Air, relates to the Intellect and Imagination and all these words entail.

Finally it is divided by the meridians (areas of cross-over) located exactly where the two areas meet:
1. Akasha to Water, Unknown Emotion and Unrecognized Intuition
2. Water into Fire, Emotion and Intuition conflicting with Will and Vitality, visually reminiscent of a Volcano pouring hot magma into the Ocean. That type of conflict. Male versus Female. Femininity versus Masculinity. Sensual versus Sexual. This can be advantageous depending on stones dropped… up to your own designation.
3. Fire into Earth, Will and Vitality matching and melding with Body and Foundation. Imagine a Wall Street broker with the monetary backing of the Vatican. Unbeatable and unyielding. Perfect mesh, as long as the stones match up. Needless to say you’re going to need a pair… of stones that is. If you catch my drift. If the stones don’t mesh well with the area… think about that Broker, working hard against your interests… or stealing your 401k/retirement.
4. Earth into Air, the Earthly Realm colliding with the Intellect and Imagination that Air governs. This can be read in many ways, once again stones dropped here can be influential in either a positive or negative. Since these two are opposite
5. Air into Akasha, Intellect and Imagination entering the Unknown, Unrecognizable, and Intangible. Dreaminess can be an issue in this area, think jam-band weekend and too much Kool-Aid, however with counterbalancing stones (depending on which system of stones you’re using, according to your personal preferences) this can be advantageous. A communication stone would be excellent here, as would one focusing on solid, earth-bound ideas.
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wow! I haven't revisited this thread for a while...but there is so much GREAT new info!!

Love the animal stones, the 30 set with the alphabet (I have some alphabet stones from Elven which I adore!)...and your elemental meridan idea is awesome, miriamarcadiadove!

It's so nice to see this thread expanded, and with so many ways to read
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Can you tell me what stones or crystals you used to make up your animal lithomancy set? It sounds beautiful,

Originally Posted by dreamtime
i have made an animal lithomancy set, i used crystals but you could adapt it to sortiledge too...


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wow - What a great thread and combination of philosophies and ideas. I will have to save this and read through it again.

I believe a litomancy set is something you create and collect as you find stones you sense respond to your or you feel power from. If these are discovered all gifted all the better. It is a set that begins of slow but gradually builds and as it does it holds a greater meaning and connection to you.
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