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Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
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The forums are back! The forums are back! (repeat XX times). It's a new Aeon, folks! Time to celebrate!

Solandia, thanks for hanging in there and bringing back these beloved forums. The Aeclectic Tarot Forums is the first and last web site I check each day, and I felt such a void when the forums were down.

Huzzah and hooray! All the forum rooms have a fresh coat of paint and are awaiting for the guests to arrive and the conversations to start. Yes!
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Well this is a very happy day.
There back!!!!

We better start fast, because this forum is feels to empty.

Hope everyone is still out there?

See you all soon
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Yes, Maan, we have all been lurking in the shadows, waiting for this happy day! Too bad the files are gone - all those terriffic discussions! Just have to start over again from square one.......
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Netpilgrim  Netpilgrim is offline
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At last it is back again - wonderfully!!!
It was a real deprivation, I came at least twice every day always hoping it to be back.

But it is a big loss that the archive didn't survive, all these interesting postings, the whole knowledge base - very sad. I hope everyone will come back and the forums will grow fast again.

BTW: I liked the old background colour. White is to cold I think.


Supplement: Seems the bright white background wasn't intended, the light gray is somewhat better. (I still think the old colour was nicer.)
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Hello Everyone!
Wow! Did it seem like this forum was down for a LONG time or what?? I'm just glad it's back!
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Zac  Zac is offline
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Yeah, I'm definitely relieved. Too bad all the stuff that was here before is gone...
But oh well. Fresh start, I guess.
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THANK YOU, Solandia!! & greetings, all! I've missed y'all.
It's too bad the previous postings are lost, but I'm glad we are back in business! I have a very good champagne waiting for an occasion to celebrate--& confetti, too
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I had a chance to read everything in the beginner's forum, but had only scratched the surface in the others.

Lots of times, though, something (like losing the old messages) can make a community like this pull together and grow stronger and bigger in the long run. 8-)

I'm so glad the forums are back! :-D

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I've been coming here for days - I'm glad that today I find the forums back - I've missed them
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yes, it's great to be back, and to see everyone again. and thanks meewah, for letting me know they reopened - i had almost given up hope. i have confidence that we'll quickly fill the forum with spirited posts just like before. and thank you Solandia for your perseverence in getting the forum back together.
luv and light,
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