Psycards - Hobson Book vs Berenice book

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Psycards - Hobson Book vs Berenice book

Hello everyone!
I am beginning this thread because there has been discussion lately about the differences in approach to the Psycards taken by two authors; Berenice was commisioned by Hobson to do the book for his card set initially - then he wrote his own book a bit later.

I have the Hobson book and several others have the Berenice book and this thread is to see which seems to work best with the cards in our own experiences with them.

Or -- maybe no book works best and we should use our interpretation/gut feelings only.

I will post questions here for TallTarotGuy shortly as he is one person I know who has the Berenice book - actually, he has BOTH books!!

Just wanted to open the discussion for whoever wishes to participate.

More later ~
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Smile psycards books.......

hi skydancer and all interested parties!
i promised several weeks ago to let you know my opinions of both books- (i actually got the berenice book first while i was waiting for my deck and book set to arrive!)
i must say, i really only ever flicked through the berenice book as the nick hobson book was so readily available every time i opened the box to get the cards out! however, i've just been dusting the bookshelf upstairs (!) and felt drawn to the blue book on the middle shelf- berenice's language of the psycards.
my hazy recollection of it was that it was not as good as the hobson one but on second glance, i felt quite impressed-aside from 1-2 pages of info on each card (with b&w pics), she has sections at the end on colour and numerological associations, developed through her own experiences of the cards, close around 20 spreads, most of which are 10 cards or more,a section on meditating with the cards and some simple case studies which demonstrate how the cards connect and flow in practice.
i'll definitely be taking a closer look later on! i would suggest that if the psycards really appeal to you and you'd like both books, then get the book and deck set by hobson, and berenice's if and when you can find it as it's oop as far as i know. i found mine on amazon (uk) about a year ago and checked back when i came across these recent threads- i think there was at least one available (don't all fight at once!!).
as far as my own experiences with using the cards goes, i really never bothered using any of the spreads. i used to think of a question then set out around 5 cards in a row and see what that threw up--i would build a story up around the cards and that really helped me to learn their individual meanings (although i still need to use the book!). if i then felt i needed clarification on any aspect of the 1st 5 cards drawn, i would pull out the relevant card or cards and add another 1 or 2 to it to see if i could glean further insight.
i do hope this makes sense! and i'm so thrilled that so many of us are discovering how fab this deck is (i used to feel like their only fan!!)
i love maggie kneen's artwork- i think the psycards are so charming to look at that i've recently bought her old english tarot deck (they are far more complex however and i haven't had much time to spend with them of late- however, it'd be great if they became a "reading deck" of mine as i could combine them with the psycards for additional information/guidance!)
looking forward to what the rest of you all think- skydancer, tatsi, tall tarot guy and katie here, all of whose posts i've very much enjoyed following!
tink x
i should just add that i din't have nick hobson's book out when i studied berenice's before so i haven't really compared the 2 yet!)
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The Inquirer

I guess I'll get this started with the first card. I'm not quite sure how to proceed, so I'll just jump on in. Feel free to take this thread in any direction you want.

I've browsed through both books, and the 2 authors seem to both agree on the basic meaning of this card. The light and dark side of the card reflect the dual nature of each individual; the labyrinth being the constant search to "find ourselves" & unravel the mysteries of life.

I would definitely agree that Hobson's book seems more psychologically bent; however both books definitely have their merits.

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is anyone interested in reviving this study group?
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I would be, although I have only the Hobson book, not the other one.

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yea I only have the hobson one too but i was thinking not so much based on the books meaning but what we can come up with depending on our past readings or impressions of the cards. We can use the book(s) for reference if anyone wants. but i dont have Berenice's book either.Plus the book doesnt really help me all the time not even for back up. Ill get a mother or home card in a love reading and the book has nothing to do with my question so it doesnt really help.
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Goodness! I had forgotten that I had started this thread ...

I haven't worked with the cards much - but yes; let's begin again.

Just post a thread when you want to discuss a particular card, or spread or anything - and just put "Psycard Study" at the beginning of the thread name that you give it. If there gets to be a lot of threads we (I) can index them later.

Talk soon ~
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I'm interested in a study group too
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endoangel <--- hey i think you can still get Berenice Watt's book from here... fyi

I'd also like to say that i'm pleased that you all enjoy using the Psycards a lot of work went into creating them and the books - it was an inspiring time for all!!

My mum (Berenice) would have been so happy to see people enjoying them and taking the time to compare the books and taking the time to understand the cards.

So thanks on her behalf
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I am interested in talking about the cards as I have just received them and started to work with them

Actually i dont look at the book/leaftlet meaning, i go with my own many of you guys do that too..

I find if I lay down 3 cards and try and connect the meanings, i get quite good results...

Just pulled one now......"Peace" need to look up the meaning for that....i am feeling at peace now

Anyone work this way with them??

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