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Talking Grinning from Ear to Ear

Oh Goody, its being considered.... :-)!! {Jumps up and down....}

We await with baited breath for a positive response from the September Meeting

I'm sure all gay tarot readers, admirers and persons of studious natures will want to 'help' with this project, if Lee wants help (?) I'm sure we can and should help with suggestions, as other threads have covered much material. A final product will be Lee's considered material, what to include, what to leave out, and we will then argue about it in the forum, hahaha!

Love, Hugs, and Blessings to all

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Looking forward good news in September
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L'amore la risposta

Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
A long and windy road... ^_^

I work here and I must admit I don't really understand LS policy toward books.
Maybe because we are necessarily contracdictory...

Main discussion in general sense toward the books are:
- we don't yet know if books are profitable or they are not.
- books enter only a very limited market... i.e. English speaking countries.
- books are a often a pain, as no one of us is qualified to work with written word.
- books do not sell alone, but just as part of set editions.
- we can do a limited number of books, every year. Which ones? Should we do the best decks, the best selling decks, the decks that more need a book to be understood... ?
- should we do a book when a deck is created or later, once we "know" about the deck

Obviously I don't have answers... but the questions are always that.
We quite liked the Gay Tarot. It felt "good" in many a way.
Obviusly we can't stand Lee as a writer, and a person (hi hi ^^).

So we shall consider it.
And we will see.


(20 minutes away from holiday break)
Feste Felici Riccardo!
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Those in waiting I'd suggest you try keeping a Tarot journal in the meantime. I started one for Gay Tarot writing two pages a card and I'm nearly finished the Majors. It makes it a very ideal personal guidebook just for you and your own perspective of the deck separate from other readers. Copy out the LWB's blurbs for each card and then put your own details below'll never need to carry the LWB again and you'll have a richer analysis!
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So what happened in the September meeting? I would love to see a book on this deck. I orginally bought if because I liked the art work. I don't have any gay clients that I know of, but imagery of this deck is a draw to the young men that I read for. I have never shared its name. They choose it because they are drawn to the positive images of men. I thing that says alot about the excellent energy of this deck.

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Pipa Phalange 
Meaning behind the Mysteries

Lee, it sure would be nice to have a companion book to Gay Tarot. We should start a campaign to get Llewellyn to consider it.

You have done a remarkable job being connected to all of us fans here on the message boards. Your responses have given me a better understanding of the deck which I wish was available beyond our virtual home here.

As creator of the Brotherhood Tarot, I have just finished its Companion Book and will be excited to see how people resond to the Gay History and mythology that I've included in the cards along with a deeper understanding of its meaning & my own path to creating the deck.

A special thank you goes out to you, Lee, for getting me in touch with Llewellyn to include your Lover's card in my book side by side with The Cosmic Tribe Tarot, Son Tarot, and Gay Male Tarot.

If you need another voice to get a Gay Tarot Companion accomplished, count me in!

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I'm reporting you request to LS.


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WOW! well obviously I have to buy both books when they come out
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so haven't seen a book on amazon for this book yet. i realize the thread is pretty old, so any info about if the book is going to be written/published? I'm new to the group and tarot in general, and just bought this deck recently.
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Red face The Book/s

We have suggested and pleaded for a book to go with the Gay Tarot for such a long time, its got to happen one day. The sooner the better. Any campaign will need persistence and patience. Plus writing to LS, and perhaps its rivals? Keep on Posting in this forum, contacting LS and anyone else you think would publish a companion book to the GT by Lee.

Welcome to the campaign. :-)

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