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Robin Fariel 

interesting idea. never thought of interviewing a new deck and look forward to trying this sometime this weekend.
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I think i may use this spread with my new Fenestra deck, thanks for posting it.
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I have just done this reading with both my old Destiny Tarot and my Medieval Cat Tarot that I have never used before.

The destiny tarot reading essential told me that it is a very predjudiced deck and I only use it because it is safe and secure and that I need to move on to firther myself. (this was my first ever deck so I always go back to it because I can't help but love it)

Medieval Cat Tarot. Looks to be a positive new relationship with this deck as it was here to teach me to use my intuition. I could not however figure out what revered 3 swords meant in position 5 How can i best learn from you.

I will be using this spread for all my new decks coming in the post
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I am very new to tarot and just tried this spread. I really liked it and gained a lot of insight. Thank You!

I am struggling, though, with 9 Swords in the 2 position - What are your strengths as a deck? I used the Universal Waite deck.
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I did this spread on a deck I use all the time, just to see the result, and it told me what I already knew - it's very focused on career and wealth, and not so great at relationship spreads. Which suits me. It also implied that if I listened to it, I'd achieve more in financial and career-related fields, so that's nice.
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Originally Posted by LuckyFox
Alright ! that does it!

*throws Revelations out window*

1. 7 Swords
2. Queen of Wands ("My Card"-Leo)
3. (R)10 Wands
4. (R) Magician
5. (R)6 Cups
6. (R)6 Wands

This is the second time I have gotten reversed 6 of wands in that position.
I wish that I could remember which Tarot book I read it in; but, oh well, somewhere there is a rule of thumb that if half or more of your reading comes up reversed you should either (a) completely reshuffle or (b) read the whole spread right side up. Don't know how that would work with a celtic cross spread. I have had a little more luck (since some of the cards carry an unhappy consequence anyway) with not reading reversals. I am just trying something new. Believe me--I still get the bad stuff--try a three card where you get The Tower and the 10S. That's just well--UGLY.
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i tested this with one of my old decks and 5 out of the 6 cards came from the major arcana :O

it was quite insightful. the deck said it's most important character was knowing all and giving insight except that it's weakness was the periods when i go through change where it doesnt offer consolation but 'tells it as it is'. it's trying to teach me to learn to be in control.

the potential outcome was a reversed tower. i think it means to say that with its straightforwardness in telling me things, i'll probably get shaken up alot.

i'm getting a very 'dominant male' feel from my deck after this.
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I thought I was inept or possibly crazy to think my cards get tired/cranky when I use them too much. I am not alone feeling impressions on the deck 'moods'
I feel much less crazy- thank you for the new spread!
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I think this is one of the most useful spreads I've ever come across...I've used it quite a few times now and it never fails. I could never connect with my Gilded deck, but this helped me to better understand the types of situations that I could use it for.

Thank you so much!
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