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Moderator Note

Asphodel's reading using this spread has been moved to the Your Readings forum.

It can be found here:
Asphodel Reading with New Deck Interview Spread

The posts that commented on the reading were also moved.

Please feel free to post thoughts and commentary on the spreads to the appropriate spread thread, but any readings done other than those by the original thread poster (demonstrating the use of the spread) should be posted to the Your Readings or Personal Readings forums.

Thanks so much for your cooperation

valeria, moderator of Tarot Spreads Forum

PS - this is still one of my most favorite spreads!
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A wonderful spread.
I've had one deck (manga tarot) and I've been wondering what the heck was going on between me and it. Sometimes I'd get headaches, other times I wouldn't.
The first card that came up was Strength. It's not a deck that likes to fool around. It seems to be one that wants to kick me into gear. Thinking back on previous times I've tried to use the cards any time I've tried to resist what it's trying to tell me or sugar coat things, the headaches would get worse. They only seem to get better when I accept what's being told.
This will be a unique relationship. The last card was the lovers. I suppose in the end if I stick with it, I'll learn to appreciate it's no nonsense attitude and we'll become quite a pair.
Thank you for the excellent spread. I'll be using it again, I'm sure of it.
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Many thanks to FireRaven. I found this thread long ago when I was still a lurker and found it extremely helpful.

I make it a point to use this spread for every new deck I acquire (fortunately, I don't have that many).

You can just imagine the difference between my interviews of the VR and Buddha Tarot! I did them both on the same day.

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I really like this spread. I went back and interviewed most of my older decks, and I try as well to interview my new deck ASAP. Its very interesting to see the differences in the readings, and comparing them to responses in past readings. Thank you very much for sharing this enlightening spread!!
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Scorpio Kitten 

What a great spread! I did it the other night with my Golden deck and I'm gonna try it out soon with some other new decks I got yesterday. I've been looking for a spread for new decks, and this one is really just perfect. Thanks for passing it on!
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Thank you for such a great spread! I just posted the reading I did with it for Vargo's Gothic Tarot here in the Your Readings section. As long as I use the deck the way it wants to be used, we'll get along famously. But as I found from the shadow card that forced me to look at it, if I don't, I'm in big trouble!

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I enjoyed the spread. I think we got to know eachother quite well! Thanks for posting
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I just used this spread for the fourth time. Thanks for creating it and sharing it with us FireRaven. I used it tonight for my Bohemian Gothic Tarot Silver Edition and love the results. Anyone interested in seeing the reading can go here.

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I came across this spread on one of RWCarter's spreads he posted, but I want to tell its creator how much I love it. I stick with one deck, although I own about 5. I'm going to interview my other decks to try to get to know them better.

A weird thing happened when I tried this spread on my Moon Garden deck... I thought I had taken the "jokers" out, but when I asked the deck about its limits, the Joker showed up! I started laughing.. that *would* be a limit. I like the deck better already and have more trust in it.

So thanks for sharing!
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the spread is fantastic, but what if your cards are just stubborn and do not want to work with you, how is it exactly that you connect with them?

update: on the second round my deck basically told me it was lonely and ignored and as far as I learn to listen to it out relationship will lead to The Chariot! Not too bad I have to say.
I also tried the spread to my old RW deck and it works amazingly accurate. really amazing... great job!
Oh and a small question do you guys think it would be appropriate if i do the interview spread every time before big or important readings just to check up with the "mood" of my deck, because if the deck reflects the reader than it would be only natural to respect it as much as i would respect myself, wouldn't it?
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