Doreen Virtue Oracle decks - Anyone interested in Study Groups?

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Doreen Virtue Oracle decks - Anyone interested in Study Groups?

Is anyone interested in Studying healing with the angels or healing with the faeries oracle?
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HI there matchyg

I only just got my healing with the fairies oracle and Im going to give them away BUT when I can afford them again I would love to share any knowledge here..
The Angels cards I hope to get for Christmas.

Maybe you could start a thread and describe the card and how it works in your readings and we can reply?

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I have both decks. If you are still interested in forming a study group I'd be interested. I like my Healing with the Fairies deck more though. But either one would be great.
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Yes I am very much interested in a formal study group with those 2 decks I use it in conjunction with each other.

I am new to this forum, what do I do if I want to formally study some decks.
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Hi all

Here (click here) are the rules for organising a tarot study group; they also apply to oracles.

So if you want to start a group, go ahead, but dont forget to create an index where you link all the different threads you start - and then PM me about the index so I can include it in the index of indexes

Have fun!

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Hi, matchyg!

Yes, I would definitely like to participate in a study group.
My particular interest is with the angel deck; it's the one
I use now. I prefer the angels, but there was a time when
I did really enjoy the fairy deck, and I still recall the cards
pretty well.

Hopefully, we can somehow integrate both decks. Consider
the added dimension of comparing and contrasting the two
decks...wouldn't it be interesting?

(I also gifted my fairy deck, MCsea...maybe we're supposed
to give decks away sometimes. We're all chosen, at one
time or another, to send a deck to the person who needs it
the most. )

Perhaps we should just start a thread here, to see if others
pick up on it...hopefully it'll grow into an active group and
then we can move it.

Nevermind that last suggestion; it's already in the "study
groups" rules...
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Ok, lets start the thread here. Any suggestions on what to study first?

Spread and multiply deck spreads?

How can the fairy cards complement the angel ones.

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Yes, I 'm interested too.. i had both the decks... though i presented the healing with the angels to my mother... would love to study , the healing with the fairies one!!

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Talking me too...

hey count me in too.. i have healing with the angels deck and am in love with it. would love to learn more....
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Talking Interesting in joining too!

Would love to join you all too!

I have 4 of Doreen Virtue's decks:

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Healing with the Angels
Healing with the Fairies
Magical Mermaids & Dolphins

I haven't really worked with any of them very much. But of course would be a great excuse to get them out!

Just throwing out an idea here... but could we perhaps have a Virtue Study Group, which could in time incorporate all her decks, the fact that they are meant to compliment one another in readings. We could perhaps start with the decks that we have between us, e.g. Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies, but others could be added at a later date, if others were interested. My thoughts here were that this would allow anyone with any of Doreen's decks to join in, particularly if we did some reading exchanges. Not sure, if that would work... but of course just an idea, so I don't know how other's might feel about this?

I've not been part of a study group before, so don't know how we go about setting all this up. But as in other groups, I guess we could start by listing each of the decks as main headings - then perhaps go through the decks alphabetically too and write our thoughts on each of the cards. I don't mind doing the index and updating, if someone explains to me where I've got to post it exactly... logic tells me in the study group section? Perhaps we can discuss some further ideas of how we are going to do this exactly - i.e. what decks etc... so that we all know what we are doing.

There's a site called Tarot Wisdom Readings, where Velvet Angel shows the card layouts for verious spreads that she uses. I'll list the decks, as they are shown on her site - if you click on the "(See the card layout)" under each heading, you can see the positions and meanings of each card in a spread.

Healing with the Angels
Healing with the Fairies
Magical Mermaids & Dolphins
Messages from your Angels

I'm sure the above links will give you some further ideas on how you can work with some of these decks. So is my contribution for starters and something we can also add to our index maybe!

Saw another post of someone asking about studying one of the Virtue decks, so I'll guide them here so they can add their interest if they want to.

Look forward to hearing others thoughts too.

~ MoonLite xx
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